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eating out in sydney australia

I was going to be alone over the long Australia Day weekend and was already in ‘lonely I am so lonely‘ mode when my friend suggested a trip to the city on Saturday, plus also use the Korean Bathhouse voucher that we bought last year. Well, needless to say I was excited for girls’ day out in Sydney

She stayed over on Friday and we slept really late after playing a baking game that she was addicted to on her Nintendo. The next morn we somehow managed to wake up by 9, had quick breakfast of Dragon fruit, murukku and tea. Not much I know,  blame my abysmal cooking skills.

The first stop was going to be Alice in Wonderland themed Sand sculpture exhibition at Blacktown. It was targeted at kids but well, two grown adults can also admire some art.  We walked around, took pictures and I would have stayed long if not for the blazing sun.

After parking the car at a station,  we decided to the take the train as it was more convenient than driving for an hour and half to the city.

Eating Out In Sydney

Chatswood is a major business and residential suburbs in Sydney, where you can also find a wide variety of great Chinese food. My mind was set on consuming some copious amount of noodles and dumplings. And with a lovely friend accompanying me, eating out in Sydney is even more fun.

Eating out in Sydney, Australia

I ate Tea Eggs too. These eggs are first completely boiled in water,  then cracked a little to be further boiled in tea or soya sauce. This leaves patterns on the eggs.  I believe they are also called marbled eggs.

Once we had our fill, we made our way to the Korean Bathhouse. The voucher included body scrubbing, body massage, facial and access to spa and sauna. It was an amazing and very enlightening experience. Well believe me,  being nude can be extremely enlightening, and confronting too. 😛 It was an only-female bathhouse, so everyone seemed pretty comfortable walking around in swimmers or without it. The lovely lady who was massaging me was a petite but very strong. She was pretty amused by the look on my face when she asked me to take everything off for the massage. I will be writing a separate post on the bathhouse.😀

My legs were jelly by the time we walked out. Tea was in order.

After rummaging through pages and pages of strange tea varieties at Tea Journal, we chose to have Silver Needle White Tea, more so because of its exotic description, and shared a slice of Hojicha Chiffon (Green Tea Chiffon cake).

It was already 4 pm when we left the hustle and bustle of Chatswood. We took another train to Town Hall station, around 15 minutes away and strolled through Daiso – a Japanese store where you can find everything from the country, and at very cheap price. Well, I bought a whole heap of craft stuffs, miso soup packets and instant ramen noodles.

I used to walk past Doux Amour and drool at their photogenic delicacies most Fridays, but never tried their adorable cookie puffs. But since I was with my foodie friend, we decided to give it a go. How am I supposed to eat it if it stares at me like that? The shop also has an area with a pretty background where you can take pictures for Instagram.

All that walking and massage had started making my tummy grumble in hunger. I was craving for some more noodles, so we went to Two Sticks – a restaurant that provides amazing Yunnan cuisine, their specialty being Crossing-the-bridge (Guo Qiao Mi Xian) Noodles from Yunnan Province in China. I ordered Seafood noodles, while my friend went with Mushroom noodles with Chicken. Here, the Soup, noodles and sprouts are served separately.

I drowned all of them into the big hot pot. The taste of the soup is neither too strong nor mellow. It is a perfect blend of different ingredients, and as you sip on the soup, the flavours grow richer. I have been here twice before and never disappointed.

Eating Out In Sydney, Australia

Our dinner was quite filling, but when it comes to cute sinful food, no one can say no. On a friend’s suggestion we went to D 21 and bought their cute looking delicacies. Since I couldn’t eat anymore, I packed it to enjoy the flavors the next day.

We walked to the station and took a train back home, but the day wasn’t over yet. Once home, my friend opened the two drinks she had bought earlier and I opened a packet of Japanese sour-cream flavoured chips. The drink wasn’t just a plain drink, but was mixed with jelly that gave it an interesting texture.

We drank and watched episodes of How I met your mother. And with that, my Saturday was over.

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eating out in sydney australia

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17 thoughts on “Girls’ day out in Sydney | Photogenic Food

  1. This looks like such a fun girls day out! All of the food you ate looks so delicious! Those macarons and cookie puffs are almost too cute to eat, ALMOST! haha These look like great places we will have to look for when we go to Sydney one day!

  2. What awesome food in this post- you are killing me girl! I think I need to move to sydney just for such delish wonders. The sweet things were damn cute and creative while the tea house sounded just up my alley! I know who to call when planning my OZ trip – whenever that happens!!

  3. Wow! Those sand sculptures look amazing. You had such a lovely day and the food options were so cool. I would love to try marbled eggs and those cookie puffs. They are just too cute to not eat 🙂

  4. Those macarons look so pretty! You sure did have a wonderful time, girl. Sometimes all a girl needs is some time out with her girls! This helps me restore my sanity 🙂

    How did the tea eggs taste? I find non-white colored eggs weird to look so I haven’t dared tasted those marbled eggs so far. Let me know.

  5. Oh Girl!! you had so much fun..The Alice In Wonderland themed park looks cool. Trust me when I say that my mouth started watering when I saw those dumplings and noodles. Those eggs are amazing would like to know the recipe and maybe give it a try.

  6. Sydney is fascinating and there is always so much to do there. Glad that you had a good time!
    A special word for your captures, Rajlakshmi, always makes me want to go to Sydney and now it makes me want a girls’ day out!

  7. There is so much to do in Sydney. Look at what you chanced upon. Loved those sand sculptures. And I am craving dumplings and noodles now early in the morning. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great day! The sand sculptures look fantastic! Did you know, I’ve never been to Chatswood? 😛 Living in the south of Sydney meant I never ventured out north all that much and technically now, it’s closer to Chatswood from the Coast but I still haven’t been there! 😛

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