Can you make artworks using dots?

Instagram is my biggest source of art inspiration. I can find almost every kind of artwork that I am interested in. Video tutorials, live stories, tips and tricks – there’s so much learn. So much to create.

I have seen the dot artworks floating in my feed for a while now. But only last week I gave in and entered the world of Stippling and Pointillism.

Stippling artworks and pointillism, both are artforms where artist uses dots to create patterns or add shades. The difference between the two is stippling is done using a solid single color like black or brown, while in pointillism you can use different colors.

I am extremely new to this artwork. Borrowing inspiration from other artists I tried to make these two humble pieces. I need to use better paper as these are made on a glossy cardstock and can easily get smudged if the ink hasn’t dried well.

I remember when I was young, I used to make similar kind of drawings at the back of my notebooks, along with doodles and amature typography of my crush’s name 😅. I didn’t know all the fancy names back then. And if mom spotted me ‘wasting’ the pages,  a broom would come flying towards me.  Maybe that is why I enjoy art so much. It brings back memories of those simple days of childhood, the feel of wild grass and flutter of butterflies in school park.

Stippling Artwork

Stippling Artwork

The other art project that I am currently working on is creating my travel journal on the recent Tasmania trip. All along the journey I collected pamphlets and booklets, with maps and pretty pictures, to be used in scrapbooking. I am in no rush to finish it and will slowly complete it, as and when I come up with new design template. Here’s a glimpse of the pages I have done till now.

If you have more ideas, please don’t forget to share in comments.

Travel journal scrapbook

Travel journal scrapbook

Travel journal scrapbook


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25 thoughts on “Can you make artworks using dots?

  1. I took the time to see it from all angles but still I couldn’t even figure out how you have done it. That’s how far I am from drawing, Raj. You are one of the finest mixes when it comes to creativeness. I million like your travel journal and both art forms are beautifully done.

  2. I love how energetic you are when it comes to art, fitness and travel. That thirst to learn, to explore, to keep growing as a person- it will keep you well, Raj. Gorgeous stippling. Learnt a new term today thanks to you. Pinned your post too.

  3. I love the both things, travel journal and art work both are awesome, hats off to your creativity. I am also a big Instagram fan and a crafty mom too. your work has inspired me a lot to do sometime creative with my dolls. thanks a lot for sharing this.

    1. I am so glad you liked this post. Instagram is full of so many amazing artists. It keeps inspiring me. Thank you for stopping by 😀

  4. I was/am never really into doodle but I like checking them out in Instagram. I just try something once in a while but end up drawing the same old template of sorts (which has kinda stuck to me) every single time 🙂

  5. I saw the idea of a dot artwork long back online and didn’t know how one could do it! Well, now you’ve shown me.

    I love that idea of the travel journal! It’s so pretty and so handmadeish. So personal too. I can so imagine the look on your face as you come back to read this years later.

  6. Wow something absolutely new has been introduced to my dictionary thanks to you Raj. I marvel at your creativity and how you keep evolving each day. You are indeed such a fascinating personality with such depths of creativity. You inspiring art, Yoga and writing.
    I love your Tasmania journal and I wish I could make one of those too some day.

    More power to you, you amazing girl. ❤️❤️

    1. Awww thank you so much Natasha… Your comment really made me smile… I am so glad you liked the journal 😀😀😂

  7. I learnt stippling long ago and used to enjoy it immensely. One requires a lot of patience when stippling and also a lot of concentration..I haven’t tried pointillism, yet. Have you? DO share if you have!
    I loved your artwork, Raj. It’s on black paper, isn’t it? Looks awesome!

    1. No I did it on a white sheet and then colored everything black. Yes, the whole drawing takes so much concentration… And patience too. Do share some of your works too 😀

  8. And I learn something new today. Thanks for introducing these two new art forms. Your artworks are amazing! You are sooooo talented, Raj!!

  9. Oh!! Rajlakshmi, each time I visit your blog, your artwork leaves me are so creative dear..and I am absolutely in love with your Tasmania scrapbook..I am feeling inspired to do something similar…

  10. Yours look absolutely gorgus, as always, Raji. I especially love the maple leaf one ❤
    I’m curious, how long did these take? They look incredibly time consuming.

    I’ve always wanted to journal but then I don’t seem to have the aptitude for it? I’m obsessed with journalling and BuJo videos on Youtube though 😀

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