Zentangle Inspired Art – Metanoia

Metanoia (Meh-ta-NOY-ah) –The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

I remember how swiftly I fell in love with the word and its meaning when I first came across it on Shilpa’s blog. So last week when I was looking for a new word to do some Zentangle inspired Typography, I decided to go with Metanoia.

My calligraphy isn’t that good, which ended up in numerous attempts to fit in the word within the circle.

After that I picked one corner and started drawing.


…and kept on drawing.

Zentangle Inspired Art Metanoia

 I referred to a number of tutorials on Pinterest to find new Tangle patterns. Check out this new pattern that I tried for the first time, called Belltemps.


Playing with a new zentangle pattern called Belltemps 😀 . . #artvideo #arttutorial #videotutorial #patterns

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I love drawing floral illustrations too and have been practicing a few to make bookmarks. They look great and doesn’t make the overall drawing look too crowded. Personally, I prefer to draw something which is a mix of intricate tangle patterns with some well spaced out florals.

It took me a whole afternoon to finish the artwork. Like always, I didn’t have any clear picture in mind before I started drawing. I tried to fill the space with patterns that I thought would look good and interesting.

Zentangle Inspired Art Metanoia


Zentangle Inspired Art Metanoia


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Zentangle Inspired Art Metanoia

Have you tried Zentagling yet? Do let me know in the comment section.



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20 thoughts on “Zentangle Inspired Art – Metanoia

  1. Wow! That’s so beautiful. I loved the word from Shilpa’s blog, so unique and different. Your zentangle is so gorgeous. I try once in a while but never anything even remotely close to share with the world. You are so talented, Raj. I admire your works. 😀

  2. Amazing . I love the way your metanoia took shape. I haven’t tried Zentangling yet but when we were in school we did doodle line drawings like this. In those days our art teacher called it scribbling!

  3. Simply beautiful. You are truly amazing and so talented, Raj. I tried zentangling once and it was so juvenile. Honestly have no skill, inclination and patience for such arty works. I do coloring on the phone app and that’s the most I can do creatively 😀

  4. Raj, you are a wonderful artist. Love the intricate design and the word you chose. Shilpa could make this her site’s badge. I wish you would make one for me 🙂

  5. I think I came across zentangling through you! I have a super hyper mind and sometimes when I need to shut out things I do doodle but nothing worth sharing.
    You and Shilpa are super duper talented and each time I see your artwork I feel so proud 🙂

  6. This is so gorgeous, Raj! You know now whenever I see this word, I think of Shilpa’s blog. It did seem like a difficult word initially but not anymore, I guess. 🙂

  7. You make me want to Zentangle too but I’ll be horrible at it. I love how you have kept at it for so many years now. Rajlakshmi, you keep inspiring me with different things every day. And you just taught me a new word today!

  8. Heyyy, I never thanked you for introducing me to Zentangling. Its caught on in my life in a big way and is my favourite (and only way thag really works) to destress. Also, metanoia has such a perfect meaning!

  9. If there’s one thing I admire about you (okay, there’s a LOT I admire), it’s your ability to stay open to learning experiences. I remember thinking about how tough the blog name sounded and told Shilpa that and I was delighted when she firmly said, ‘I love this word. It represents that phase in my life when I must make a change’. And I fell in love with the word soon after. How delightful that it inspired a post and an exquisite Zentangle piece, no less! The patterns are incredibly intricate. Wow!

    Pinned it 🙂

  10. Wowwwww!! Raj, this looks incredibly beautiful!
    When you asked on Instagram to guess the word, I had a few words flashing in my mind, one of them being Miami! Hehehe…yeah, funny! But, then I decided to wait and watch, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised, and honoured! Thank you so much, my dear! I am definitely going to pin it!
    Recently, during the Inktober fest, I too realised how important (and sensible) it is to make a design which has intricate designs as well as spaced out ones that don’t make your design look overcrowded. So, I recently made one with a word in the centre where I used intricate patterns and floral ones that (hopefully) balance the whole picture well. All I need to do now is to buy a pen with finer nibs.
    I am so enjoying Zentangling..it is addictive!
    And, YOU are my number 1 inspiration behind this new found love!
    So, thank you, once again!

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