OMG! Look at these Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms, Australia

This post is going to be all kinds of flowery and pinky and girlish… Add into the mix a bit of polka dots too.

Those who follow my blog would know that I have been visiting the Tulip Top Gardens in Canberra for the last two years every Spring. They open their beautiful gardens for three weeks every year for everyone to enjoy the spectacular display of Tulips and Cherry Blossoms


You might have to endure an avalanche of flowery photos until I find something more fascinating.

I visited the garden last weekend with my friends, and we all were woww wowingg all through the morning and afternoon, even with a mouthful of food. This is definitely a place for selfie lovers. The Cherry Blossoms drew everyone in. Pink, white, yellow, purple – the trees stood glamorously in this impeccably maintained garden.

Cherry blossoms Australia

Cherry blossoms Australia Photography

I think yellow is my favorite color again.

Tulips travel photography

Cherry blossoms Australia photography

Cherry blossoms Australia

Cherry Blossoms Australia

Cherry blossoms Australia wanderlust

After roaming around the garden, admiring the blossoms and varieties of Tulips, we walked uphill where you get a stunning view of the landscape around Canberra.

Free tea/coffee, sausages and Egg sandwich were served at the garden. We sat together around one of the white round tables, listening to live music and enjoying the cool afternoon breeze.

Canberra Australia

I feel a hint of sadness when I think how shortlived the life of a cherry blossom is. The tree looks like any normal tree rest of the year. But when its time, they burst into something so unreal and dreamlike. Their presence makes everything look incredibly beautiful and graceful. Just a glimpse of these flowers would lift your mood. Maybe that’s what they are trying to teach as well. It doesn’t matter how long you have been on this earth, but were you able to make an impact? Did you make someone smile?

Cherry blossoms Australia

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35 thoughts on “OMG! Look at these Cherry Blossoms

  1. Incredibly GORGEOUS!!! Your photos felt like walking in a fairy tale…especially if wind had petals dancing around you.

  2. WOW – these are some of the best floral picks I’ve ever seen. i was honestly reminded of cherry blossoms in Japan and the tulip fields in the Netherlands. so so lovely

  3. The cherry blossoms look so lovely! I wouldn’t expect to find them in Australia having been there before, but it’s awesome that there’s a place like this to admire them there.

  4. This looks lovely! I was just in Canberra a few weeks back but I only made it to Floriade and all the museums. It looks really pretty here though, so i’ll have to return to see it all in bloom next year. I love tulips!

  5. Oh wow you were right in your opening statement! What an absolutely stunning place 😉 Thanks for linking to #MondayEscapes

  6. I had no idea that Australia had cherryblossoms (let alone all those other flowers). I would have thought you were in Japan or the Netherlands. That is so amazing and I love your pictures.

  7. Raj I look forward to yout nature walks and the pics – this one is a visual fest too! What gorgeous colours and blooms and you have captured them so well! In my minds eye I could see you flouncing in that polka skirt as the blooms tried to keep up with your vivacity!! Thanks for sharing this and increasing my envy of your life;-)

  8. Your photos are delightful, and remind me of the cherry blossoms that bloomed every spring in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, where I grew up. It was orchard country then, and there were apple and peach and plum trees…and the beautiful, beautiful cherry blossoms! Thank you for awakening these memories.

  9. Raj, the pictures are lovely. You are right about living a life with purpose. Having an impact on others however brief your life might be, is a great thing.Your lovely post made me smile today 🙂

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