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I was in class VII when one day my awesome English Ma’am called me to her desk and asked me if I have written poetry before. Until that point I had written only one poem in my life, and that too a soppy one about nature. I had to bribe my siblings to read and appreciate it. But when my teacher asked me, I didn’t feel like disappointing her. I said yes, without mentioning the number. Thankfully she didn’t ask how many, just told me to write more every day as she liked my essays.

In the coming weeks, I wrote a few more choppy verses with forced rhymes and made my mom and dad read and admire them. By that time I had run out of things to bargain with my greedy siblings.

In retrospect, it wasn’t just the encouragement of my teacher that got me writing. But that guilt and determination to be true to my words, got the right side of my brain to work overtime.

More than writing, I love reading verses from my fellow poets, especially micro poetry, as it requires even more skill to evoke emotions in a few words. The way they weave their verses and capture the heart of their readers… It’s complete sorcery I tell you.

Bringing to you a few more short poems I wrote on my way to work. Hope you like them.


short life poems

The gentle souls, who quietly walk along with us.

short poem on life

Life and all it’s idiosyncrasies.

Paint it red!

Micro poetry - poems | short life poems

Do the monsters keep you awake?

Music and all the feels that come along with it.

short poem on music

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7 thoughts on “Words are all I have | Short Life Poems | Writing

  1. Wow those were amazing indeed! You need to write more life your English teacher pointed out right!
    This was my Fav*

    “She learned painting,
    Not as a hobby,
    But a life skill,
    To color evry dark spot
    He left behind.”

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