134 km of Despacito

“Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito…” the music blared out loudly, as we zoomed on the highway to Canberra.
“It sounds like he is singing Phasito Phasito in hindi”, said C, my friend’s brother. My friend facepalm’ed and shook her head, as she was seriously trying to explain the lyrics of her favourite song, but all in vain.

We were subjected to 134 kms of Despacito after the radio stopped catching any proper frequency on the highway and my friend suggested that we play that song.


Last week was pretty exciting as I was playing host to my friend of over 14 years. We did hiking together, walked in and around the CBD, visited a flower festival and made enough lame jokes in 8 days to last till our next meet. She flew back home today, and as I am slowly getting accustomed to the silence in my house, I couldn’t help but realise how precious long term friendship is.

This was the first time in many years I had spent a considerable time with a friend whom I have known for over a decade. Doesn’t it feel delightful when someone apart from family knows all about your habits and manners? Someone who can gauge your reaction and understand the unsaid words even after so many years of staying apart. By day 2 my voice was hoarse due to all the non stop chattering we did, and also because I had been screaming after her to be careful at every step on our hike in the Blue Mountains.


This is me, after I gave up trying to manage this hyperactive soul.

long term friendship funny

She regaled me and my husband about our older days, the days when we both were hostel monitors, the day when she tried to boil an egg in a cooker but forgot to pour water or that time when I burst out laughing with a mouthful of water and ended up completely drenching her. That joke never gets old no matter how many times we repeat it.

We had been making plans for a Sydney meet up for the past couple of years, but it was only a month ago that she took an impromptu decision, applied for visa and booked the tickets. It was her wish to see the Cherry Blossoms ever since she saw my updates on Facebook, so I specifically asked her to visit Australia in September.

The annual Tulip and Cherry Blossom festival is held in Canberra for three weeks, from mid September to mid-October – a good 290 km from my home. We started early morning, all excited and dressed up, listening to songs and then trying to talk over the sound of the radio. Somewhere in the middle of our journey, we switched to Despacito. I guess, when you have awesome friends, even 134 km of Despacito is bearable.

The Cherry Blossoms were beautiful like the previous two years, but the company this time made it all the more special.

long term friendship


cherry blossoms australia

cherry blossoms australia


Btw, I can’t listen to Despacito any more 😛

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10 thoughts on “134 km of Despacito

  1. Hey Raj…I just read this and it has got me so emotional – again! As we discover in life…some bonds are forever…and words fall short to describe the blessedness they hold. I won’t say thanks (see, I mentioned it again!)…just be certain – shall always be there by your side…celebrating the crazy times and creating more…and of course, disturbing and driving you nuts!!! 💙💙💙
    P.S. ‘Despacito’ now has another ‘angle’ to it! 😊💃😎

  2. Hyperactive friends are always the best! They infuse life and energy into you when you have none left.

    I never took a liking to Despacito in the first place. It sounded like trash to me from day one.

  3. I think that’s what they called are BFFs. They know us inside out and sometimes even more than ourselves. I too have a friend for over 16 years now, and life has finally placed us in the same city after almost 10 years, the feeling is beyond happiness! Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming post! 🙂

  4. Despacito sounds like real coolm Rajlakshmi and always amazing to meet such craziness…you and you friend. She seems like completely crazy and cool…me like it 🙂

  5. hehe Despacito does sound like Phasito phasito. Kids drive me nuts playing it. It is very catchy and I don’t know the lyrics. 🙂 Such joyful pics of your friend and you. And yes, that feeling about meeting up and spending time yapping with an old friend is priceless. 🙂

  6. Ha ha, this was a real fun read Rajalakshmi. I was remembering some such deeds we did in our hostel days. When I was my year rep in my hostel we used to make noodles in tiffin boxes😀..those were some beautiful days

  7. Having friends over for a stay is the best thing to happen Raj; I have been missing mine and waiting for Diwali to get over so that they will come visit soon!!!

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