10 years later, 20 Kg heavier

Exactly a decade ago, on a lovely Sunday morning, along with my Dad and siblings, I went on a long drive along the countryside near my hometown. I was practicing my driving skills, my dad patiently sitting in the front seat, giving  me instructions. My sister and brother had tightly leashed themselves in the passenger seat, in case I do something funny with the car. I was this lanky 37 Kg girl, nervous and excited about joining my first job a month later.

I laughed really hard when my sister sent me this picture few weeks back. It brought back a flood of memories. Beautiful memories of a young girl trying to find a place in the world, memories of insecurities too. This picture was taken that day. We had packed a picnic and were enjoying an awesome brunch on the side of the road, between acres of lush green rice fields.

I have come a long way since then. Not just in life, but health wise too. There’s no battle of the Weights anymore. And I have realised that gaining weight isn’t a bad thing after all.

Weight is just a number

I am a good 20 kg heavier now, and much more stronger than before.  In fact, my weight keeps fluctuating from 56 to 58. Most days I wake up weighing 56 kg. If I workout well, I remain the same till the end of the day. On days I eat a cooker full of carbs, I sleep weighing at least 58 kg :). On days I go on long hikes and coastal walks, my weight drops to 55 kg. Like food and workouts, I have been keeping a track of my weight too. And frankly all the fluctuations confuses me.

Although, it did further strengthened my believe that weight is only a number and it cannot truly determine the fitness level of a person.

yoga headstand quote

Contrary to popular belief, practicing Yoga didn’t make me to lose weight or anything of that sort. It wasn’t my goal either.

But, Yoga helped me to strengthen my body. Made my core stronger. Toned muscles and helped me do things that I thought were an impossibility for me.

Keep calm and do a handstand 😀👊 . My chain is trying to strangle me😅 . . . #fitness #wallhandstand

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And most important of all – it made me happy.

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I love inversions. They challenge me to move out of my comfort zone and try something very strange, weird and exciting. Yeah, Yoga poses do look weird and sound even more weird when you try explaining them to someone else. Imagine a conversation that goes-

“How is your yoga going?”
“Not too bad. I was trying the grasshopper pose, but could hardly get my feet on the triceps!”

The look I got was priceless. 😛


I made some improvements in Forearm Balance last week. This pose needs to be balanced with straight legs and parallel arms. I got the former, but latter still needs practice.

10 years ago, or even 2, I would have never dreamt of achieving it 🙂

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43 thoughts on “10 years later, 20 Kg heavier

  1. I shall try to do those posture this week for my yoga practice. I am on a mission to cut slab due to the high cholesterol but yeah regular yoga practice has helped me to become more fit and stable mentally. An inspiring post to kick off my Monday in style.

  2. Raaaajjjiii, so good to be back here, I’ve been lurking on Pocketful of Maps but I have a shit ton of catching up to do here.. Bruh, 37 kgs, my my, you were such a rail :O
    20 kgs heavier looks so awesome on you, I wish the weight looked as awesome on me 😛
    I super super envy your inversions… some day I shall get there.
    You are so strong, so very very strong ❤

    1. Woohoo look who’s here 😀
      Yea I was quite an alien in those days 😅
      Thanks so much girl… Glad to see you here again.

  3. That picture you shared from your past..that is so similar to one of mine from my past! Thin as a stick! How much people would comment on my weight. Now, though, with Yoga and better diet, I feel better, have gained weight and weigh a decent 54 kilos. And, have also got the curves in the necessary places to carry off my sarees better! 😛

    1. Hahaha yaayyy for the curves. I can understand how awesome it feels to fill the clothes all in the right places 😀😀

  4. This is awesome Raj how on earth do you do it? I am 58 Alf I was worried after my pregnancy about being able to fit in, in my ore pregnancy clothes but I am glad I was able to do that

    1. Yaay that’s cool 😀 I am still a work in progress… Embracing all the pain and gains that comes along this journey.

  5. Looking at your photograph from 10 years ago, I want to know what kind of discussions happened around your home with respect to your weight. Did everyone focus on weight talks or fitness talks? I am curious.
    From the present day photographs, you look like the fittest person and we all are in awe of you. In case you would have asked me a few months ago, what was the idle weight I was looking at for myself – I would have said 58 Kgs. But now I no longer think like that since the focus now is on fitness with exercises and not on weight and that is why I didn’t tell the number of kilos I have shed since Dec 2016 in my post.

    1. My mom was (still is) obsessed with trying to make me gain weight. Although my Dad was just focused on making all three of us stronger and energetic. He didn’t care about weight. I used to eat so much butter and eat with hope to get some curves 😅
      Took me some time to realize that weight is only a number. Loved your post too 😀

  6. Omg you look different in that picture. And look at how you are now. All fit and gorgeous. Awesome Rajlakshmi, an inspiration bringing out the fact that’s it’s health and not weight that’s important.

    1. Yeah, now the weight is in proportion to the height. Earlier I was so much underweight. Thank you so much for your comment 😀

  7. You go girl! Your enthusiasm for yoga is inspiring. I like the way you look now when I see the lanky girl in the pic. 🙂

  8. Not sure if my earlier comment went through. So, just wanted to say that keep inspiring us with your fitness post. And I know I need to do something soon or else my apathy towards fitness will come bite me in the ass later in life!

  9. I admire your focus on health and fitness, Rajlakshmi. I know my apathy is going to bite me in the ass later on. And yes, I cannot help but agree with you that weight is just a number. Keep going girl and keep inspiring others 🙂

  10. Weight is truly another number so much so that I don’t really keep track of it. I know from the fit of my clothes if I have gained or not. But yes, a regular fitness regimen had made me many times stronger and flexible than when I was in my teens. My core even after beating two kids is pretty strong. I love these tiny milestones. You are the Yoga goddess. I’ve never tried inversions. I don’t think I have the flexibility for it just now.

    1. So wonderful that you still have a strong core. Plus I am sure all the workouts you do must have strengthened it further. Thank you so much for your kind comment. 😀

  11. You. Are.Incredible. There really is no other word for you and your amazing skill and dedication. Apart from the fact that you are one warm, wonderful and lovely person, your fitness journey continues to inspire me every single day. I love how you push yourself and in some way it reminds me of me and my blogging journey. I love learning, pushing boundaries, stepping out of the comfort zone there. With fitness I have a way to go before I can push boundaries, but at least it’s somewhat regular now 🙂

    1. Awww now aren’t you too kind. Your comment is so encouraging and it sure put a smile on my face. I love reading about your fitness journey and your determination to stay fit.
      Thank you so much 😀

  12. Glad to see my Yoga girl back in action. I love seeing your poses. I have been told that inversions aren’t good for hypertensives so I’ve stopped doing them …

    1. Yeah, a lot of poses have contradictions. But I am sure you would have found other fun asanas to do.
      Thank you so much 😀

  13. I love how far you’ve come Raj! Weight is just another number. It is the fitness and feel good factor that matter more. Amazing inversions and impossible asanas, you are queen of ’em all!

    1. True, I used to be so worried about weight before… Now I feel like I have become more mature and practical when it comes to weight. Thank you so much 😀

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