Zentangle Inspired Art – Smile

Zentangle Inspired Art – Smile

Hey everyone, did you all have a relaxing weekend? Mine was pretty tiring as I was busy preparing the garden to grow a vegetable patch. I spent the mornings weeding, then adding some potting mixture into the pots for new seeds. We cleaned all the bricks and moss that had grown over the winter. By evening, I could hardly move, so I sat comfortably in a chair, played songs on Youtube and finish my artwork.

I didn’t have any round thingy, so used a plate to make the outline 🙂 Well, one gotta be resourceful.

Once the letters were pencilled out, I started drawing some floral patterns around it. Frankly, when I start drawing I don’t have anything in mind. I let my imagination roll and draw as I please. If I am stuck, I refer my old works to find a pattern, or check out TanglePatterns website to find a new one. Pinterest is another awesome place to find inspiration.

Like always, here are the step by step pictures.

I bought a new set of Unipen as my old ones were running out of ink. This time around I bought .05, .4 and a .7 as well. The .05 is really fine and is excellent for detailing. I didn’t use it in this drawing as the thicker ones did the job pretty well.

Do you have any favourite word that you would like me try?
Let me know in the comment section 🙂

If you want to give Zentangle a try, check out my post on how to draw a Zentangle Inspired Art.

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19 thoughts on “Zentangle Inspired Art – Smile

  1. I loved the design and smile made it more sweet. I can suggest to make one for ‘Mind Over Matter’ it is one of my favorite quote that in three simple words keeps me motivated. 🙂

  2. I love your zentangle designs! They’re really beautiful. Tanglepatterns is an awesome resource to find new tangle ideas! I can spend hours browsing the site and trying out new patterns!

  3. I tried doing the exact same thing with my name in the centre. It turned out okay…but then I went ahead and coloured it, and now I don’t feel like sharing it at all! Guess will do it all over again. Thank you so much for the Tangle designs site…Will refer to it when I get stuck during my art activities!
    Hey, by the way, there’s this Inktober 2017 ink drawing festival next month. Why don’t you give it a try? The prompts are supplied in advance so you can have a head start…you are to make one ink drawing every day of October. it’s fun! Do try…

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