Somersby Falls Walking Track, Australia

Spring is here in Sydney!!! It’s so wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun. I missed going on walking trails and hiking during the winter. So this Saturday, we packed a small picnic lunch and drove towards Central Coast, to be amidst nature where we found this lovely Somersby Falls Walking Track.

This was my first time at Somersby Falls. I had only seen pictures of the waterfall but wasn’t sure how easy or hard the walk was going to be.  

We took an hour to reach the spot from Sydney city. Once we had parked the car and paid the parking fees, we followed the directions and walked down the wooden stairs. The track is of medium difficulty and consists of steep rocks, which I believe can become very slippery during rainy weather. There are two lookout view areas before you reach the bottom of the falls. Since we haven’t got much rain lately, the waterfall didn’t look as magnificent as it did in the pictures.

Somersby Falls Walking Track

In 15 minutes, we reached the bottom of Somersby Waterfalls.

Next to the steps, we spotted a signpost that read – No tracks beyond this point. But then a few hikers, along with little kids, were taking that path, and since we had a lot of time in hand, we decided to hike down the rocky track. 

Somersby Falls Walking Track

The track consisted of steep paths and huge moss-laden boulders. Since there was no marked trail, it was quite fun to find a way to walk further. At one point our path was blocked by a huge tree trunk. My husband could easily jump across it, but since I am shorter and there wasn’t any foothold on the other side, I had to find my way through the thick foliage. Fumbling through boulders and holding on to branches, I made my way to the other side.

Somersby Falls Walking Track

We walked further on the rocky platform, hopping over watery spots, stopping and taking pictures. The place looked refreshing and extremely peaceful. There were few hikers before us, but for the better of the walk, it was just the two of us, making our way through the vegetation.


 We across two more lovely waterfalls. This one was tricky one as the steps that lead down were extremely steep and slippery. I had to literally crawl down, and then later on crawl up, holding onto the rocks.



The waterfall ended in a big pool of water and we couldn’t find any more leading tracks.  This was the end of our trail. From here we traced our steps back and within half and hour reached the car park.

Car Parking – $8
BBQ facility and Toilets available at the picnic area
Somersby Falls – Website


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3 thoughts on “Somersby Falls Walking Track, Australia

  1. Beautiful. Somehow reminds me of a place Shillong, some of these pictures. There's nothing remotely similar here in Bangalore. It's all buildings & traffic.

  2. Lovely pictures and I'm sure you had an amazing time. I really miss the trail walks we had in Hong Kong. Bangalore is too concrete :/
    Ah! Now I'm wishing for what I don't have.

  3. Lovely place to go hiking on a weekend and only just an hour away! That is so cool!! Loved the pics you've shared, Raj. These places are best enjoyed in relatively dry weather as the rains make them a little too slippery. You are so lucky to be so close to some of the most gorgeous places on this planet!!! That should make you super energised for the week ahead now. 😀

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