Life in Progress

Sometimes I feel half of the things in my life are always in progress. Like my journey to do splits. It’s going to be year, yet my glorious hips refuse to touch the floor. So close yet so far. Did you read how I learnt to do arm balances at home (link) ? 🙂 That’s another aspect of my life that’s in progress. Bringing to you some more tidbits from my life.

Spring is here!!! The cherry blossoms along the Sydney roads have started blossoming too. After a very lazy and dry winter, I finally got all the pots out. Made a trip to Bunnings to buy potting mix and few seeds as well. The succulents that I was trying to grow from leaves and stem cuttings have started growing roots, so I separated them out in different pots.

Last season I had a good harvest of Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Chillies and Mint. This year I am trying to grow Bitter Gourd, Basil, Cilantro, Brinjal and Spinach as well. I really hope they won’t die on me. Most of my seedlings die while transplanting, so this year I will have to be extra careful.

gardening - life in progress


Instead of taking the bus, we have started walking down this track every morning to the train station. It takes us about 15-20 minutes, as we enjoy the freshness of the morning air, chatting and laughing. We also walk back home in the evening. It serves as a warm up before I start my workout at home. Yes, I am trying to incorporate fitness in my life, in every way possible.

walking track


I have started working on a new Zentangle Inspired Art. Smile – with all kinds of floral around it. I have so many art projects in my mind, if only I had some more time.

zentangle inspired art

Last week, I tried a very different kind of ice cream.
Stir Fried Thai Ice Cream rolls

We ordered an Oreo and a blueberry ice-cream. I was more intrigued by the way the ice cream was made.

thai fried ice cream roll


Looks heavenly, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Life in Progress

  1. Watching the ice cream rolls being made is fascinating. I first saw it in Kuwait, they had a HUGE variety of options to make and choose from. Am seeing these outlets now in every mall in Jaipur. SMILE looks beautiful. And your fitness goals are awe-inspiring!!

  2. I think we are all a big WIP really, so it makes sense that we have all these smaller WIPs within the larger WIP called life, no?

  3. YOU cannot talk about fitness and Thai Fried ice cream in the same post! 😛

    You are destroying every ounce of self control I have! Sigh, that being said, I admire your propensity for art and beauty. What skillful designs those are. I wish we had a good walking space in the cities here. Most of them are choked with buses and terrible roads which don’t allow for comfortable walking. But hey, still grateful that I have an apartment where I can walk comfortably 🙂

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