5 Short Poems – The love for Words!

After the amazing Write Tribe Festival of Words challenge, I have literally run out of ideas. So as I try to figure out topics for my next posts, here’s an easy breezy read –  another set of short poems that I wrote recently.

All 5 of them were written during my daily commute to the office. It is strange, but the creative side of my brain seems to work overtime when I am crashing against humanity, in the crowded aisles of the train. In fact, I suspect that today the lady sitting next to me was watching me type and retype words, picking font and color to make it Instagram-ready. And I have a feeling she was shaking her head too 😛

Please don’t shake you head after reading this. 🙂

Lonely Corners

sad short poems


Lost Dream

writing short poems


Once upon a moonlight

dream short poem



writing short poems



short poems


I am planning to do a post titled – ‘What is the most beautiful thing you have read’. I am a sucker for beautiful words. Words that reaches deep down inside your gut and turns it over. Words that makes your heart slow down and sigh. Do share your favourite snippets and phrases in the comments and I will include them in my post, along with your name. 😀

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11 thoughts on “5 Short Poems – The love for Words!

  1. Every poem is churned with prose and beauty, depicting life in all its forms, happiness and sadness. It is compelling the words that you use to describe the flow. I again missed WT Festival of words..work killing me.

  2. I loved “Lonely corners” it spoke to me reminding me of the loneliness we often face. All of them are superb,
    My favorite quote is “Be Pretty if you can, Be witty if you must but be gracious if it kills you.”
    and lots of quotes on kindness.

  3. Letters. Loved it. Actually loved everyone of this. As I always say, you write amazingly well. ❤

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