5 easy photo processing softwares for bloggers

5 photo processing resources

With the rise in popularity of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, post processing is a skill that is slowly becoming a necessity. Specially for bloggers who write on niches that require attractive and quality photos.

Since both my blogs are heavily based on photographs, I too spend a considerable amount of time post processing my pictures. I don’t like complicated stuffs and prefer to make things easy for me. A reason why I never use my husband’s DSLRs for my travel blog and instead have invested on a good phone with awesome camera. Easy to carry, easy to use 🙂

All my photos below have been taken using my phone camera and processed using apps/softwares that I find easier to use.


Let me start with the simplest of all – the Instagram App. It provides a whole range of filters which I rarely use. But the other edit tools are pretty cool. Specially when I need more contrast and highlights.

The below picture was processed using only Instagram.

photo processing before after

post processing photo

Note: Wondering on how to store the photo without sharing? It’s easy. Make sure in your settings you have turned on – “Save Original Photos”. Now switch off your internet connection, process the pictures and share it. Now go to your timeline.  You will see a “Photo Wasn’t Posted’ alert. Press the three dots/ellipses on the right (it is called Kebab menu in technical UI world). Select “Discard post”.


I am sure a lot of bloggers swear by Canva. It is indeed an awesome tool, specially when it let’s you create photos for a particular medium, with correct height and width. I have started using it create images for my Pinterest board – like the below picture for a travel post.

create photos for pinterest using canva

Adding Text

Now this one is for all the quote and poetry lovers. Remember by post on 10 sad poems? I made those images using InstaQuote and Be Funky apps.

InstaQuote is a simple app with few features, just enough for me write and format the image according to my liking.


Be Funky allows you to add Texts to your pictures, it has three options for alignment and a lot of funky fonts.

handstand quote


I love Lightroom. It can do magic. But it’s not free 🙁

As travel blogger, my focus is to show a place in as much authenticity as I can. The processing that I do for my blogs is different from the kind of processing I do for pictures on Instagram or Twitter. For the latter I experiment more with colors, vibrance, clarity and contrasts levels.

The below picture was captured using my old Motorolla phone. It added all those violet hues to the picture and I was really disappointed by it. Fairy Bower Beach looked so perfect on that day, but my phone was throwing all sorts of tantrums.

And then, Lightroom came to the rescue.

lightroom - post processing photos - before after

I did the unforgivable, I cropped out my husband 🙂

post process photos - before after

Please do share in the comment section your favourite photo processing app/software. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “5 easy photo processing softwares for bloggers

  1. have been looking for an app to pick out book quotes and share it on social media… Looks like insta quote could do the job… is it available as a mobile app??? need to check it out!

  2. I have used all the above except Lightroom. Love them. The filters work really well especially for nature pics on Insta. I also use PicMonkey regularly though I have the Premium paid version. It is quite handy.

  3. This is really useful for me. I know only canva among the above. I liked the trick you mentioned on editing without sharing on Instagram, Raj. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I had wanted this very much Rajlakshmi, I have used lightroom before but the cropping thing is really wonderful, I have not gone that further. Now I will go back and install lightroom again and try this feature.

  5. I was always been in awe with your pictures! They stand out. These are some very useful tips for somebody like me who is a newbie to all of this.
    Bookmarking your post Raj. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  6. I use Canva and Instagram and like their editing tools. I would like to try out Instaquote.
    Simply love your pics.

  7. I know a lot of avid photographers love Lightroom…I can’t justify buying it because I’m not a photographer. I use Picmonkey and of course, Insta. Didn’t realise Canva had photo editing options.

  8. I like canva for social media sharing. It’s a fast and user-friendly site. Also, Lightroom is great but I’ve never used it. See am a lazy lad and never bother to learn difficult tools. 🙈 I mostly edit my pictures in picassa (bachon waala tool) 😬

  9. I LOVE Canva 🙂 It’s my go-to for everything! Plus it’s free like you said. I use it extensively to create my Pinterest images. I also use Insta but don’t use filters much. I think PicMonkey is an equally good tool if you haven’t tried it yet.

    Lovely set of photographs, both the originals and the edited ones. Ha ha about cropping out the husband 😉

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