Poetry: I wrote you a letter once, but #writebravely

poetry sunjhini

“I wrote you a letter once,
borrowing words from a dream,
filling the gaps with my warm breath,
while I pondered over perfect synonyms
to describe feelings you never felt.

Those words have long smudged.
Dark, cold and unyielding.

Today, I write again,
with a piece of heart,
carving gentle streets of Paris,
that we once wished to visit.
Engraving craters of the moon,
underneath which,
a promise was made.”

 ‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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20 thoughts on “Poetry: I wrote you a letter once, but #writebravely

  1. “filled the gaps with my warm breath” – oh my Raj this is pure joy to read. The entire poem is gorgeous and conveys so much brilliantly. Your verse writing skills are simply super!!

  2. Meri Tragedy Queen! 😛

    Massstt likhi lekin,… I am in awe how you manage to write something everyday…

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