A day in my life #writebravely

6:59 am – Bed 

The alarm is already snoozed twice, and if I don’t wake up now,  there’s a high chance that I might end up in an Olympic run, chasing the bus.

7:34 am – Bus Stop

The bus is late. Gearing myself to run after the train.

8:45 am – near office

Hmmm what should I eat for breakfast – a vege roll or avocado tomato toast or vege bun or tuna bun.  Choices choices choices.

8:58 am – office bathroom

Damn all that running has turned my beautiful winged eyes into a goey smudge. Rub  a dub dub.

9:00 am – at my desk

Work work work work work

9:05 am

I can’t figure out this redux stuff.  Why why why am I so stupid?

9:10 am

After spending a perplexing amount of time pulling out my hair, I badly need some tea.


And the day goes on, as I switch between trying to understand Redux functions, Java 8 streams and sincerely avoiding any actions that would  make my pairing partner burst into flames. I was already badgering him with hundreds of questions.

Like I wrote before,  we pair program, which means we do all the coding,  testing and review together, at the same desk. We have two different monitors,  two keyboards and mouse. One person codes while the other one watches and reviews , and vice versa.

12:15 pm

Lunch time! The break out area was buzzing today.  I joined my colleagues and their discussion on the current hot topic that every migrant is worried about – Australian citizenship exam.

About 80,000 citizenship applications are on hold as the government is still debating whether to make IELTS mandatory for everyone who is applying for citizenship. So if this law is passed I might have to do some serious studying.

1:00 pm 

Work work work work work

1:30 pm

We are battling some funky errors and our screens are filled with loads of exceptions, scary enough to stop our super manager right on his track.  “That looks hot”, he comments before walking away. 😂

4:55 pm

I am a free bird… For today.

Another run to the train station to catch the train back home.

6:30 pm – home

Ommmm…  Time to unwind.

Stretch…  Forward fold…  Bend backwards… Stretch more…  Ouch!

OK stop stop… Take it easy.


Sometime after 7:00 pm

Husband reaches home and finds me with my feet on my face, and back of the knee cupping my shoulders. I wave a hi. He simply stares.

8:30 pm

We are having a delicious meal of vegetable oats,  topped with omellete and some garlic pickle. And watching a rerun of Small Wonder.


Oh my freaking god it’s midnight.  I was supposed to sleep two hours ago.

No prizes to guess what I did the whole time – Blogging.

So how was your day.

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16 thoughts on “A day in my life #writebravely

  1. I love your tongue in cheek humour Raj. Very much enjoyed reading about your day. And one day I want to become as good at Yoga as you. Aspirations I tell you 😇😇

  2. I skipped the “coding” descriptions 😛 I’m not that fond of them, having done that too. 😉

    But loved the shocked hubby part at the end. 😉 Can imagine the look, seeing your contorted yoga pose.

  3. Whoa…. super duper packed day. I am awed by the fact that after a full work day, you find the energy to do yoga in the evening! I would just fall donw pooped and not do much once I am home!!!!

  4. I like the idea of working in pairs, especially the other person sitting and watching 😀
    Seeing your breakfast choices, I find that I have no option but to eat what’s there and I am not liking it one bit. An interesting and a packed day you have, Raj!

  5. I used to love small wonder if that’s the same you are talking about!
    Love your fitness levels- need to get better 🙂

    Enjoyed reading about your day!

  6. Nice to know a bit of your day. I’m impressed by your dedication to do yoga when you get home. When I get home from work, all I want to do is eat and blog. Also, re the IELTS, even if they do make it mandatory, why do you need to worry? I can’t believe you didn’t get an 8 or 9 before! Your writing is flawless

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