Sometimes, I am Baahubali

We redecorated our bedroom, but that’s not important. The exciting part of that story is how the two of us managed to haul a new queen size mattress upstairs. And what a glorious spectacle that was.

The wooden stairs leading to our rooms upstair creaked painfully as we slowly pushed and pulled the mattress on the first set of stairs. But it wasn’t long before we were stuck, because there was not enough space to ‘pivot’. I, now know what Ross from Friends must have felt like in the above episode.

While my husband was trying to figure out a way to turn the mattress, I held on to it, with all my strength. The 80 kg mattress hung dangerously on my 55 kg frame, and on my ‘Baahubali’ shoulders, which I was surprised were still in the socket.

We decided to tilt the mattress vertically and move it to the next set of stairs. For whatever reason, at some point in time, the mattress turned into a ‘Betal’ and ended up on my back. My husband found it so amusing that even in between all the hullabaloo, he managed to laugh his guts out, while my guts were on the verge of spilling on the recently steamed carpet.

He had to leave his end of the mattress, and get the thing off my back, but not before he carried the vase to the other room to protect it from any breakage. You see, we obviously have got our priorities right.

After much power play and display of strength, the mattress was laid on the bed. And I tried to find my shoulders again. We escaped unhurt and so did the house, although we were dangerously close to destroy our living room.

My husband can be so cute at times. He cleaned the bathroom and arranged the sofas before the mattress was delivered, just in case the delivery guys would like to use the bathroom. But then, it is this same crazy cleanliness obsession that drives me crazy. For two days we chopped all the cardboard boxes, neatly arranged them in bags and then threw them in the recycle bin. And, of course, we have vacuumed the house 320 times.

Moreover, I now see why my husband used to make me lift weights… so that I could serve some purpose in life 😛

Next time, I am getting a bunk bed.


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12 thoughts on “Sometimes, I am Baahubali

  1. Glad you could laugh about it! I’m sure it wasn’t funny while it was happening but at the end it is all worth it isn’t it? And your Yoga and weight training sure came handy! Go for it Yoga Girl. I love your tired hair style.

  2. It was rather hilarious reading about your mattress lifting experience and I could very well visualise the entire scene! I hope your shoulders and your back is fine now and you are enjoying relaxing on the mattress you so lovingly transported the way you did! It must be wonderful having a cleanliness freak for a partner, Raj – you get to relax when the cleaning house gets cleaned! Isn’t it?

  3. My hubby made me lift weights so that we don’t need porters while travelling by train.All such home redecorated events are followed by me writing stories about my painful shoulders abd wrists .These men I tell you they want you to be female Bahubalis and still look like angels .Had a good laugh reading this

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