Art: If Khaleesi was an Elven Princess

Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi from Game of Thrones is one of my most favourite characters. Every time she rides Drogon – the dragon or utters the word “Dracarys”, I get goosebumps all over my hand. This season as been pretty exciting and I can’t wait to see the last episode tomorrow, which I am sure is going to be ahhhmazing!!!


This weekend, I decided to draw her sketch along with dragons and everything. But in my excitement I forgot that I have absolutely zero skills to draw a real portrait 😛 So putting my resources to its best utilisation, I tried to draw Khaleesi … but well, she turned out into something else. The good thing about art is there are no rules. One by one, I added different elements as it occurred to me. I blended colors and used a combination of gel pens, pencil colors and acrylic paints.

The Khaleesi in my artworks looks more like an Elvan princess rather than ‘mother of dragons‘.

Here’s a picture-by-picture progression of my work. I love anime eyes and never let go of any opportunity to draw one. Pinterest is my favorite site to look for tutorials to draw eyes. I am terrible at drawing any other feature, so after few more search for tutorials, I managed to draw and paint the lips.


I used my silver and golden pencil colors as best as I could to color the hair.

And then came out the acrylic paints, to set the theme of Fire and Earth.

Once I was done with painting, I used a black pen to draw floral patterns. The choice of pen is very important here as those with fine tips might not work on a painted surface.

Daenerys Targaryen - artwork - painting


The Final Look, because there was no space to add anything else 😉

Khaleesi artwork - Daenerys Targaryen


painting eyes


My palette looks quite messy though.

game of thrones khaleesi artwork painting

What do you think?

Are you too excited about the ultimate episode of Game of thrones?

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17 thoughts on “Art: If Khaleesi was an Elven Princess

  1. The sketch looks amazing. Daenerys is my favorite character too along with Jon Snow 🙂 Rajlakshmi, you are a fantastic artist, maybe you can paint me some day 🙂

  2. I like the way you did her hair. And the way picture transformed is amazing too. More than that, I love your set of colors… that array that neatly displays your tools… they’re every child’s dream I guess!


  3. Wow! It is stunning! the eyes, the lips, everything about the portrait…the strokes are master strokes, Raj! Beautifully done! Not initiated into the Game of Thrones yet…but now I am reconsidering!

  4. Not a GOT fan (pls dont kill me) 😉
    I love this pic as she seems to be glowing with an inner radiance and her eyes are the best part in her face. Love the background you have created around her! You are such a meticulous and dedicated artist with some amazing creative skills

  5. I think you have done well on the art. I can’t even draw a straight line. The last three episodes of GoT did not blow me away. Just felt hurried and the finale was not like the earlier ones. So, I now just want Season 8 to come and end.

  6. While Khaleesi looks gorgeous in your art, I hate her character! She is so stupid and needs someone to walk her through everything. I wish there was a much stronger bone in her.

    Just watched the finale this morning and I was not as blown away as the last finale. It felt hurried in some way. But I’m rooting for Jon Snow, no matter if he’s a Targaryen now 🙂

  7. She looks so cute, Raj! I have no idea who the character is, but your picture depicts her as this adorable princess a prince would love to have as his bride!
    And, the lips have come out perfect! So, thumbs up for this one!

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