Hand Lettering: Be your own sunshine

Be your own sunshine – the kind that cannot be darkened by the long starless nights or threatened by raging thunderstorms. 

It’s Wordless Wednesday, but I can’t help but add that I have started doing some hand-lettering and I am totally in love with this art. Although my handwriting isn’t as good as it used to be, it feels good to do some “faux calligraphy” again. Last time I tried to write to make my handwriting readable was more than a decade ago, when my school teacher announced a prize for the best handwriting in the class. 😛

Wordless Wednesday

15 thoughts on “Hand Lettering: Be your own sunshine

  1. That is beautiful 😀 I myself am finding it hard to believe that I used to win calligraphy competitions in school :p . I can’t decipher my handwriting sometimes now :p

  2. This looks pretty. I first thought it was digital art, and was thinking of asking you what font you used. Then I read the post. :p

    1. Thank you 😀 yes I did it by hand. Background by Watercoloring and then used an ink pen to write.

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