Fitzroy Falls and the Misty Mountains

The drive to Fitzoy Falls reminds me of our drive through the state of Victoria, on the way to Melbourne. Long meandering roads, flanked by tall trees. The landscape gradually changes to hills and lush green meadows, beautiful through and through. 

It was a cold Saturday morning in the month of June when we decided to make a second trip to the Falls. We didn’t intend to hike, but enjoy the drive, eat lunch at the Information Center and watch the waterfall plunge into the valley.

Far over the misty mountains cold

To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away ere break of day

To seek the pale enchanted gold.

This song from the movie Hobbit starts playing in my mind every time I get a glimpse of mountains wrapped with mist. 

I was so surprised to see the Morton National Park valley covered in thick white fog. It did look enchanting to me.

A weather like this calls for a meal of Pumpkin soup and some garlic bread ðŸ™‚

Distance from Sydney CBD – 130 km

Parking available

Cafe and Toilets available

10 thoughts on “Fitzroy Falls and the Misty Mountains

  1. Lovely clicks.. Serene and calm are the words that come to my mind…away from the rush of city life

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!
    And the caps should stress it enough how gorgeous I think it is 🙂
    Also, that soup looks delish!

    I want to come to Australia.

  3. It's beautiful. Australia is a magical place truly. You have given me some serious Pumpkin soup cravings now!

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