Changing trends: Strong is the new Sexy

There is a very scary 90’s trend that I see in the super hit sitcom ‘Friends’. It is undoubtedly one of the best sitcoms ever. Most of us would have watched it umpteenth times, yet I wonder if you have ever noticed that it shows one of the notorious obsessions of the 90s – The craze for a really Skinny body. Almost all the lead female characters have such impossibly tiny waist that it is not surprising millions of girls still suffer from Bulimia and Anorexia. In fact, it has been rising since the 70’s.

Imagine the kind of pressure on a young girl’s mind that forces her to puke out her dinner and flush it down the toilet. Do you remember the gorgeous late Princess Diana? Would you believe that a beautiful woman like hers, who was an inspiration to women all over the world, went through the same ordeal?
I am a 90s child and was always super skinny. I never realised how it felt to be overweight during my growing years. Until I grew up and gained some extra pounds around my belly. Boy! how it hurts when someone looks at you and comments – “Yaar tu kitni moti ho gayi”. It was then I realised how normal it is perceived in our society to pass a comment on someone’s body type. I remember being defensive. I don’t even know why I was defending my double chin and a muffin top. It is a feeling that makes you feel so vulnerable and inferior.

I grew up with lovely friend of mine who would never click pictures with me because it made her look huge. She wasn’t huge.  She was a tall girl and looked absolutely fabulous. The guys in the 12 km radius of our school can confirm that. But all through the years, I heard her criticising her body, eating only half her food during lunch. We never had strong role models. Everywhere we saw posters of fair and skinny women wearing jeans that won’t even fit a 10 year old. But, I lived near an Air force camp and would often see lady officers confidently walking in the campus. How awe-inspiring they looked!

When I was in class 9 I had an argument with one of my friends about how a perfect girl should be like. She believed that a girl should be delicate – soft like a flower. Oh how furious I was at the notion! I kept telling her that a women can be all of that, but also needs to be extremely strong. I have always wanted to be strong.

Strong is the new sexy. 

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Today, there’s a tectonic shift in the fitness world. Skinny is not sexy anymore. Yoga is the way of life. Booty is in!! This is the time when you can boast of your muscle gains without people cringing their nose saying ‘muscles look gross on women‘. As more and more focus in made on healthy living and society is slowly learning that body shaming is cruel, I really hope that in near future young girls will stop suffering from food disorders.


Having said that, it is very easy to be overwhelmed by all the changing trends. There’s one simple solution though – BE YOURSELF. Or find your mojo and give your best!
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 When I saw wonder women,  I had goosebumps all over my arms.  The strength and intensity of her character made me shed tears of joy. She is this spectacular women with thighs,  a waist that didn’t conform to the horrible one finger selfie trend and arms that were most definitely made of steel. She had gained 14 pounds of muscles for the movie. Yes,  I am totally fan-girling her. 



 I love this shift of focus on being healthy and strong, rather than skinny. And strong doesn’t just mean physically, but strong in the mind too. A strong person characterises years and years discipline and dedication. It also depicts a lifestyle of healthy choices.


All bodies are beautiful, all bodies are capable of doing amazing things. But you, and only you can take care of it.
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Stay Strong and Humble!

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21 thoughts on “Changing trends: Strong is the new Sexy

  1. 90s kid here too! And LOVE Friends. I watch it all the time still. I never really took note of the ladies’ appearance. As a kid, I was the opposite of you, always a little overweight from where I should have been. I went on my first diet at 11 years old and lost 6kgs. Many years and multiple diets later, and at almost my highest weight, I’m only starting to accept my body. I also love yoga and I exercise now more regularly (hated it all throughout my childhood and early twenties.)

  2. I feel so sorry for young women today, you are either too fat, too thin, too……… It is time the media starting to concentrate on the inner person, the young woman who helps, inspires. Looks should not enter the equation, we should all be a healthy size, but that is for health reasons only, not media portrayal

  3. It is amazing how body shaming (self and others) comes so easily to us. The stereotypes are so deeply ingrained in us. Glad that somethings are changing and strong is certainly sexy and hope more people adopt and accept it.

  4. i can never be skinny but strong i can achieve. after your motivating post that’s what i’ll be aiming for. the condescending comments though wear you down but i’ve stop being bothered by them and just be me.

  5. I just love this! So great to see someone addressing these issues. I have been struggling with my daughter to accept her beautiful body. I have told her so many times that no-one can see the size label on your clothes. Just be yourself and embrace how amazing you are.

  6. Good morning! Love this. Strong has always been my goal. Nothing as lovely as being strong and looking good. However lately I haven’t done so much exercise but I started so all the best to me 😀

  7. I was always that over-skinny girl who was mocked by her friends for buying clothes from Kids store and wearing clothes over the hanger. I cried many times in front of my Mother but then I started accepted by body type. Healthy and fit body is what I only want and I am lucky to have it 🙂 You are indeed a strong girl Raj. Loved the asan and your pic.

  8. Hello Rajlakshmi!

    I’ve always been on the heavier side and I learnt that being fit and being thin were not necessarily the same. So though the pounds are still hanging here and there, I work out and eat healthy, not just to lose weight but to stay fit. After running 5 10k runs, I’m happy 🙂

  9. I have never been skinny my entire life. I have always been asked to reduce my weight and get back in shape. Now when I look back my 29 years of life, not once have I stopped trying to fit in. Was it all worth it? Nope. Your post is an eye-opener.
    P.S: You’ve always been an inspiration, Raj 🙂

  10. Hi five, Raj. I believe the same. Strength and fitness not crazy dieting to become thin. I am glad many women ere turning to strength training and are realizing the importance of fitness. It is still pretty tough on girls though. I know how teens obsess solely about weight. Body shape is still a big caustic distress.

  11. What an empowering post Raj. Loved it❤️ Yes, strong is the new sexy! And I was fan girling on Wonder Woman too!
    It’s obnoxious how people judge others based on their body types.
    It’s a shame that millions of girls spend so much of precious energy worrying about their weight. I remember 10 years back when I was 10 kilos lighter I still used to fret about my weight and I still continue to. It’s such a sad wiring of the brain I must say. It’s time we shed these stereotypes and focus more on being healthy, beautiful from inside and strong women:
    Love the ease with which you do the Yoga poses. Do you practise on your own every day? How many times a week? Very very inspiring. You are a girl after my own heart❤️

  12. I love your yoga poses – you make them seem so easy and I am a fan of your body ( I mean as in the pics…..) Its very tough to get into this regime of regular yoga and with such dedication – I am yearning to go about it as you do and hope to do so soonest! Loved your thoughts on the strong being the new sexy – Wish all zero size aspirers would understand the need to be fit over slim!

  13. Kudos to you for writing this powerful post. The pressure for being thin and skinny on young girls is tremendous, both internally and externally. It is time all of us, with our collective voice, highlight and shed this criteria. Fitness is more important than being thin. And, also, women need to accept that they are strong in their mind and they do not need to be dependent on others’ views about them.

  14. I totally agree with you Rajlakshmi, strong is the new fab. I totally am against making women want to be thin and shapely (which in itself seems like a crime) as long as you are healthy and strong you can bring about positive changes in your family and the society as a whole. living for being accepted by others is one thing I really hate. Loved those poses (as usual) 🙂

  15. I love this! Yes, strong is sexy! Active is attractive! It’s okay to love food and yoga and have muscles and even a muffin top. Real women are not built like Barbie Dolls – they are built like whatever they are.

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