Turmeric girl is a ball of fur!

My husband hardly gets to see my face these days.  All he sees is a big ball of clothes walking around the house. Winter is here in Sydney  and it has steamrolled me.

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I have to say,  my programming pair today was extremely patient. I must have scared the eardrums out of his soul with my coughing. By 4 pm I decided to take the evening off as my coughs became unmanageable.

Being sick is also the time when I drink loads of hot water, which results in me visiting the loo 200 times a day. I meet almost every employee of our office in the brightly lit corridor separating the ladies and gent’s toilets. Well,  that also pretty much sums up my social life.


My husband has been feeding me so much turmeric and ginger that one of these days a turmeric root might shoot out of my nose. But really,  it’s Turmeric-Milk and lime-honey-ginger that has kept my chest from exploding.

I am an ice princess. My hands and feet are always cold. Any nip in temperature makes me bring out my shawl, jackets, stockings, blankets, double blankets… you get the drift. But would you believe that it’s because of my genes.  I got a mutated gene that keeps my haemoglobin count low, hence my hands and feet are always cold. My Iron levels are normal though, so I can’t take any iron supplements. This genetic mutation called ‘Haemoglobin E’ runs in people of South east Asia, Northeast India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh descent. And I came to know about it only last year during an annual check up when my doc found this difference in Iron and hb count and asked me go for blood typing as well. Mom being Mom,  has read up every single article and book available in Jorhat (she is still not into the whole internet/Google thingy) . And now I get to hear her comprehensive understanding of the condition every time I call her.

Now if only turmeric could cure this too.

On a parting note,  look what I found in the health section.  Dadiji k  Nuske in pardes too :).

25 thoughts on “Turmeric girl is a ball of fur!

  1. Oh, yes turmeric – that is great. I also believe in the good things in that. Hope you are better of your cold. So funny to read that you have winter. Here, we are going from Spring to Summer now. Yeehaa:-)

  2. I hope you get well son, Raj! And, yes, turmeric and lime-honey-ginger are really good for the throat. Add a bit of cinnamon to the concoction and drink this hot water twice a day. It will give instant relief.

  3. Haha! Hilarious! But I hope you get well soon, Raj 🙂 It’s bloody hot here in India and though it is monsoon season, rain is but a distant dream. Thank God for his posting! We are moving to a ‘lovely’ place in about a fortnight! <3

  4. I had no clue this was even possible. I have to admit your cold and cough posts always make me smile (there was another hilarious one, I remember) though I do realise what a trial it must be. You keep warm and I hope the winters fly by fast.

  5. So sorry to hear about your cough, Raj. Of course, you make light of it. I do the same at home for my kids, overloading them with ayurvedic cough syrup and turmeric milk and ginger honey. Rapid weather changes just cause them to catch these niggling allergies. Here’s hoping that you recover soon.

  6. Turmeric has many healing properties, it protects against Alzheimer, various kinds of inflammations and even cuts and burns. It is good to know that even in ‘pardes’ you resort to Indian natural healing. Get well soon

  7. Wow, this is a condition that I wasn’t aware of! You do have a knack of making the most serious stuff sound funny! And lucky you…for a hubby who force feeds you all these natural healers! The mere mention of turmeric milk gives my tummy a churn. But I have no qualms doling it out regularly when my kids fall sick!

  8. I have a condition called Raynauld’s syndrome causing impaired circulation in the hands and feet (and, bad luck, I’m allergic to the medication normally prescribed for it). Living in a cold area of the Northeast United States, I suffer. Feel better soon!

    1. Ohh I have never heard of this one before. I can understand how terrible the winter might get. Take care dear.

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