Quilling – Flowers and Frame

So, I took out my quilling kit after a long time, made few paper flowers and arranged them into a nice frame.

I still remember the days when I used toothpicks to roll paper. In fact, I used to cut my own paper instead of buying the quilling strips. These days I buy ready made quilling strips and use a quilling-tool to roll paper. I have misplaced my craft glue somewhere, so have to manage with school-glue which is less effective , and a lot more messier.

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This was my initial design, but somehow I felt there was too much of white space left around it.

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Everytime I finish making a flower, I am amazed by what a bunch of paper strips can be turned into. These handmade flowers can be used as gift tags or fridge magnets as well.

quilling flower frame

I arranged them into this design. Hmmm, now that I am looking at it one more time, I like the first one better. But too late, this one’s ready to be framed.

quilling flower frame

What do you think?

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22 thoughts on “Quilling – Flowers and Frame

  1. Oh my! It looks so beautiful and reminds me of all the color strips I have stashed away inside my cupboard. I have been meaning to quill lately but never got to it. This has inspired me so much! 🙂

  2. Beautiful creation… Love this… Paper crafts are really time taking and need a lot of patience… Yours turned out so well . I too like paper quilling once in a while…

  3. That is so colorful and creative- Makes me smile to look at – simply lovely!! You are awesome, Raj – very talented:-)

  4. I love the first one Rajlakshmi .The other one is not my fave.Quilling must be fascinating.Never tried it!

  5. I have a quilled picture made by an artisan, bought as a souvenir in a crafts shop many years ago. It’s a beautiful type of craft that I hope to be able to learn (if my fingers cooperate). The flowers you made are pretty!

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