The Hair Problem

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I had been having pretty bad hair days lately. It started few months back with massive heartbreaking hairfall. It was so bad that my husband got scared thinking I was suffering from something serious and fixed a doctor’s appointment. And my long hair made it look even more scary.  I, on the other hand was distraught, afraid of combing my hair more than once. Imagine, how homeless I must have looked during those days. Thankfully, the blood tests came out normal. The doctor only said that it could be a cycle that would be over after few weeks. Took about two months for the hairfall to stop. By that time I had changed most of my hair products and lost a good volume too.

Have you noticed how harsh the shampoos have become these days? Even the brands that I had been using for a major part of my life have started causing all sorts of problems. Take for example Dove. I had been a regular user of Dove products. But last year, I started suffering from regular forehead acne after every hair wash. In an attempt to find the reason, this resulted in me limiting my dairy intake, changing face wash and soaps, even pillows. But the darn acne kept coming back. And then I changed my shampoo. Tada … forehead acne stopped cropping up.

Frankly, hair care is becoming tough every day, specially for long hair. Sunsilk, Garnier, Tresemme, Pantene – all are crossed out in my list. They all work great for the first few months, but after that their effect starts wearing off and hair starts becoming rough and dry.  I wonder if anyone else faced similar situation?

These days I wash my hair with L’Oreal shampoo, and that, actually is one of the few affordable options left for me. The aisle in the supermarket looks so promising, it makes you envisage a dream of having gorgeous stress-free mane. I, myself, sometimes get dazzled by their glorious descriptions and hi-tech terminologies.  But, at the end of the day, I come back home, warm some coconut oil and apply a good potion to the roots. It worked for me when I was young, and I really hope that it keeps working in future.


Do share your hair care tips in the comment section.

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30 thoughts on “The Hair Problem

  1. Oh, sorry to hear that. Although I didn’t suffer from harsh hairfall, but I did suffer from skin irritation, and like you, I discovered the reason was the shampoo I was using. Now I mostly use natural hair care products.
    Coconut oil is great, but I also recommend you to use olive oil mask (even homemade), it really boost my hair growth and thickness.

  2. You have such beautiful hair 🙂
    Tips? Well, I am the most careless with hair. Luckily, my genes have saved me till date. I don’t even comb. That’s how easy the maintenance is for me.
    Shampoos are harsh but you need to find one that suits you – hard or mild, herbal or chemical.
    I have heard egg is good to build strength but never tried 😀

    1. you lucky you… I am so jealous… yeah shampoos have become very harsh these days. Difficult to pick a good one.
      Thank you 😀

  3. Oh! Raj… It felt as if you were speaking my mind! I have tried every product on the market, every hair serum, every natural ingredient but nothing works! And I am now trying to coming to terms with the fact that my hair quality won’t change. They won’t grow and maybe in some years, I’ll go balled!

    You have such luscious thick hair! Take good care of them 🙂



    1. thank you Geetika. Yeah, even I have come in terms that my frizzy hair will remain so no matter what I do 🙂

  4. My hair falls a lot too, don’t know why. You have gorgeous hair – so sorry to hear about the problems. Oiling once in a while really seems to be the best way to go, to fix the issues caused by shampoos.

  5. I have been having sevre acne problems on my face last few weeks. NEver bothered to look into chaning my shampoo.. Looks like I need to do this!! But yes, all shampoos are the same and they do nothing but damage your hair over a period of time!!!!

  6. You have such long lovely hair:-) Happy you found a good way to treat it. I.m happy with my hair too. And not a fan of wearing a cap or anything on it… love the feeling when the wind “grabs it” and feel lucky that it can. oil or hair-butter in the edges- that’s what I am depended of…

    1. I love the feel too… except it gets really messy though 😛
      I will read more on hair butter. Sounds really good. Thank you Eli.

  7. All the shampoos are just full of chemicals and i have had a totally bad experience too..So i go with the traditional way of washing my hair with shikkai or hibiscus powder or amla and then mildly wash it off with a shampoo even that is herbal or homemade

    1. yeah Menaka, I have realised that… it’s so difficult to pick something less harmful these days. Thank you so much for you tips 🙂

  8. I have pretty decent hair and it adapts itself to almost everything that I try. I rarely oil my hair and have stuck to Tresseme keratin strong shampoo for quite some time now. It does seem to do wonders to my hair.

    Have you tried the Moroccon oil treatment and products? People swear by it. Maybe you should give it a shot.

    1. I have seen the Moroccon oil hair stuff on the aisle… maybe I should try them 😀 Thank you for your tips girl 😀

  9. I keep cutting my hair short to hide how thin it has gotten! I have no idea which shampoo works and which doesn’t, and so I keep switching one after another. I don’t stick to one. Either way, it is always coconut oil that helps to maintain it better. And hey you have such lovely, long hair! Take good care of it. 🙂

    1. yeah seems coconut hair oil is our saviour 😀 Hope you find a good solution too. Thank you 😀

  10. Oh I have lost so much hair, I am close to bald now. Every time I comb my hair or even touch it, I feel big clumps are falling off. And I did try to change a lot of things, but like you, the only thing that worked, was a change of shampoo. I now use the Ogx coconut oil one (white bottle), but I have heard the Ogx keratine one (red bottle) is good too. You should try the coconut oil one, the difference was night and day for me.

    1. thank you so much for you tips. Coconut oil is like a saviour these days. I feel so desperate when I see my hair falling like that.

  11. Most shampoos are terrible, seriously. So sorry to hear about the hairfall and the forehead acne. Gosh, the shampoo was causing it! I recently started using ritha, amla and shikakai homemade shampoo but it is too early to comment. I have to also get its proportion right else it is drying. Rest, I oil my hair with coconut oil before washing hair.

    1. yeah I was surprised that shampoo could cause that kind of reaction. Wow you do all that… no wonder your hair looks so voluminous. I wonder if I can find these ingredients here. Thank you.

  12. My number one hair care tip: Don’t comb your hair unless you’re getting ready to go out of the house 😛
    Seriously. I have a case of bed head throughout the day! 🙈

    1. hahaha I used to follow that few months back when my hair was falling at a horrible rate. Thank you for stopping why 😀

  13. Oh God, I’m a terrible person for hair tips. I have the worst hair in the family and the thing is I have accepted it. My sister buys all kinds of expensive shampoos and discards them to me and I use them. No shampoo has ever made a difference to my hair. So, whenever you feel bad about your hair, give me a call or ping me and I’ll make you feel better. Promise 🙂

    1. hahaha 😀 I used to do that to my sister’s moisturisers 😀 I am finding a shampoo to do magic on my hair.

  14. I wish I had some hair tips to share! At my age, hair is dry, and I keep it short, unlike the long hair of my youth (I don’t dye it, either, any more). There are a number of shampoo/conditioner brands I can’t use, either, and I look in envy at my husband, who doesn’t seem to have any of these problems.

    1. yes, a lot of brands are so harsh. It’s difficult to pick one. Thank you for dropping by.

    1. Oiling is the only thing that’s keeping my hair in place. Else the tips become really dry. Thanks for dropping by Corinne.

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