7 Yoga backbends

I have a love-hate relationship with Yoga backbend poses. They bring the best and worst out of me. They need an incredible amount of patience, specially if you are like me who is working on flexibility. The challenge lies in not being too ambitious and to carefully and mindfully do each pose, else there is a high risk of hurting a muscle or two.

Yoga backbends are invigorating and fun. And also make you marvel at gurus like Kino who can talk with her head between her knees, backward!

Listing 7 Yoga backbend poses that I practice regularly.

Standing Mermaid Pose

Standing Mermaid Pose is technically a variation of Natrajasana or Dancer pose, but of late, it has become extremely popular on Instagram. This is my variation of the pose. The pose strengthens your legs, back and improves balance.

Yoga backbend pose standing mermaid pose

Mermaid Pose

It is my dream to do the King Pigeon pose, but since my upper back lacks that kind of flexibility, I keep myself happy with Mermaid pose. Here’s another variation.

Yoga backbend pose Mermaid pose

Wheel pose

That one pose that always gets me. Apart for strengthening the back and spine, the biggest takeaway for me is to break the fear and just do it 🙂

Yoga backbend pose wheel yoga pose

Wild thing pose

Wild thing or Camatrasana is one my favorite poses. I still remember the day when I searched for hours to find the name of this pose and then look for a video to transition into it.

Yoga backbend pose camakarasana

Camel Pose

Camel Pose is great for stretching the front of the body, opens up the chest and strengthens the spine.

Yoga backbend pose camel pose

 Forearm balance backbend

My Forearm stand, is still, very much in it’s infant state. This is me trying a Forearm balance backbend with the help of the wall. Dolphin pose is a great way to warm up and prepare the shoulders for this balance.

Yoga backbend pose forearm stand


Dancer Pose

When you are trying to practice, but your husband keeps throwing balloons aimed at your face.

I have said this before too, Dancer Pose is probably the most graceful out of all the poses. Makes you feel like a dancer! 🙂

Yoga backbend pose natrajasana

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19 thoughts on “7 Yoga backbends

  1. Your contortions are amazing to look at Raj and you always seem to be pulling off such tough ones with such ease and elegance that leave me spell bound. Some day I wanna hear all about how this started.

  2. Oh My GOD!!! is this you in the silhouette? Thanks for sharing all these poses of Yoga, the excitement is still soaring as we just had Int’l Yoga day.. but these are so much impossible for me… phew after years of training may be 😉

  3. Every time I see your yogasana pics, I marvel at how flexible you are!”It’ll take me ages of practices to reach anywhere close to that ever! But, I’m into yoga and realise how important the practice becomes for us as we grow older year on year! I love my hourly practice and try not to miss it.

  4. Inspired by you, and having felt guilty about leaving yoga midway after school and college, I joined for yoga classes recently. Wanted to tell you this. Keep doing what you do and inspire more people.

    Meanwhile, I do Sarvangasana the best, so well, that is my favorite. Your dancer pose is amazing, but that chakrasana variant, you have aced it Raj! Very graceful.

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