7 Things I Google, Don’t Laugh ok

Seven Funny Things I Google

Can I move the fat in my face to a different body part?
Desperate times I tell you desperate times. Times when I lose all my intelligence. Happens usually after a night of Pizza party when my face gives birth to a twin chin. 
How to pack a suitcase?
This is one skill I can never learn. And since such a video exists,  that means I am not the only one. Who would have thought that rolling T-shirts and towels could provide so much space for other stuff.
How to control your pee in the train?
Don’t judge me,  but when you have to take an hour-long train journey, twice a day, these questions kind-a need an answer. I have found myself in some real emergency situations because I drank a bottle of water before rushing to catch the train 😛 .  Rookie mistake! There is even an app called toilet locator for the state of NSW. A real saviour!!
How to cut open a coconut?

I once bought Thai coconut and couldn’t for the love of god figure out how to cut it. Yes, there is a technique to cut tender coconuts without chopping your fingers off.Video – link

Are these abs or just creases from sitting all day?
This is the biggest confusion of my life right now. I get so excited when I see these abs like lines on my abdomen. But when my tummy starts spilling out of my jeans, I get my answer.

Will I ever grow Eyebrows?
There’s something common between me and Ed Sheeran. We both have been rocking the no-eyebrows look since forever 😛 I have drenched my eyebrow area in every single oil possible, as suggested by Google of course, but all in vain. You can’t find them unless I point them out.
And then there are questions that you should never ask Google.

There’s a pimple on my nose. Am I dying?
Ever since I read about the presence of ‘triangle of death’ on the face, I have turned into a hypochondriac. I am one of those who Google health symptoms, so obviously, I can’t get any sleep at time :P. Last I know, my liver wasn’t functioning properly, my digestive system was falling apart and the chemical activity in my brain might render me blind. Cheerful!!

funny things I google
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19 thoughts on “7 Things I Google, Don’t Laugh ok

  1. Do you know how exotic i think your features are- the no-eyebrows are cool woman!! You look different and so wow!!! Plus the long tresses make up for the missing hair – dontcha think!!!?
    This was one rocking laugh a riot post!!! Thanks for cheering me up 😉

  2. Haha! These are quite reasonable ones, I tell you ! But thank god for google, I can’t imagine how else we’d learn so many things that we just can’t seem to ask others about all the time right? 😉

  3. lol this is such a funny post! I know I’m guilty of, googling everything under the sun!
    And Nike sponsored eyebrows lol!

  4. Too funny. But, I had to Google the Triangle of Death. Turns out this one has quite a history. And I knew nothing about it. Yikes. There’s a related one about picking your nose. Who knew?

  5. Raj, you’re really good at humour. You had me in splits.
    Seriously, I also wonder about the same about my double chin and creases, err..actually they look more like MRF tyres.

  6. Hahaha! You are so funny, Raj! I was laughing as I read this post. But on a serious note, I’d like to know, if I can transfer fat from one body part to another too. Wait, let me Google it. 😀

  7. Omgosh. I really did laugh out loud reading this. 😀 Especially your face giving birth to a twin chin. Hahahahaha. I think mine gave birth to triplets! – Funny post. Stopping by from Write Tribe. Happy Weekend!

  8. Google does give you a very comprehensive answer about everything .
    Loved the post .I am trying out the suitcase packing video .I can’t pack either !

  9. Hilarious- esp the very 1st one – tried best to control laugher.
    But how to pack a suitcase is something even i google often – infact before every big trip.
    It is said – when u roll the towel [ instead of folding] at the time of packing- it occupies less space. One of the tips which i find useful.

  10. This was too hilarious, Raj!!
    But, seriously, I too need to Google how to control my pee..that’s one thing that gives me too much stress during a journey.
    Oh god, every point here had me chuckling so much I am still giggling as I type my comment! 😃😃😃
    Congrats on completing this challenge, Raj! Enjoyed reading your posts and am hoping I am able to publish my comment today, via mobile😜

  11. This one is too good, Raj! I had a hearty laugh reading it! I am the same as you when it comes to googling all sorts of things…(not going into any details here) esp the last one coz I DO THAT TOO!!! 😀

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