7 Things I Google, Don’t Laugh ok

Can I move the fat in my face to different body part?
Desperate times I tell you desperate times. Times when I lose all my intelligence. Happens usually after a night of Pizza party when my face gives birth to a twin chin. 

How to pack a suitcase?
This is one skill I can never learn. And since such a video exists,  that means I am not the only one. Who would have thought that rolling T-shirts and towels could provide so much space for other stuffs.

How to control your pee in the train?
Don’t judge me,  but when you have to take an hour long train journey, twice a day, these questions kind-a need answer. I have found myself in some real emergency situations because I drank a bottle of water before rushing to catch the train 😛 .  Rookie mistake! There is even an app called toilet locator for the state of NSW. A real saviour!!

How to cut open a coconut?

I once bought Thai coconut and couldn’t for the love of god figure out how to cut it. Yes, there is a technique to cut tender coconuts without chopping your fingers off.Video – link

Are these abs or just creases from sitting all day?
This is the biggest confusion of my life right now. I get so excited when I see these abs like lines on my abdomen. But when my tummy starts spilling out of my jeans, I get my answer.

Will I ever grow Eyebrows?
There’s something common between me and Ed Sheeran. We both have been rocking the no-eyebrows look since forever 😛 I have drenched my eyebrow area in every single oil possible, as suggested by Google of course, but all in vain. You can’t find them unless I point them out.
And then there are questions that you should never ask Google.

There’s a pimple on my nose. Am I dying?
Ever since I read about the presence of ‘triangle of death’ on face, I have turned into a hypochondriac. I am one of those who Google health symptoms, so obviously, I can’t get any sleep at time :P. Last I know, my liver wasn’t functioning properly, my digestive system was falling apart and the chemical activity in my brain might render me blind. Cheerful!!

19 thoughts on “7 Things I Google, Don’t Laugh ok

  1. Do you know how exotic i think your features are- the no-eyebrows are cool woman!! You look different and so wow!!! Plus the long tresses make up for the missing hair – dontcha think!!!?
    This was one rocking laugh a riot post!!! Thanks for cheering me up 😉

  2. Haha! These are quite reasonable ones, I tell you ! But thank god for google, I can’t imagine how else we’d learn so many things that we just can’t seem to ask others about all the time right? 😉

  3. lol this is such a funny post! I know I’m guilty of, googling everything under the sun!
    And Nike sponsored eyebrows lol!

  4. Too funny. But, I had to Google the Triangle of Death. Turns out this one has quite a history. And I knew nothing about it. Yikes. There’s a related one about picking your nose. Who knew?

  5. Raj, you’re really good at humour. You had me in splits.
    Seriously, I also wonder about the same about my double chin and creases, err..actually they look more like MRF tyres.

  6. Hahaha! You are so funny, Raj! I was laughing as I read this post. But on a serious note, I’d like to know, if I can transfer fat from one body part to another too. Wait, let me Google it. 😀

  7. Omgosh. I really did laugh out loud reading this. 😀 Especially your face giving birth to a twin chin. Hahahahaha. I think mine gave birth to triplets! – Funny post. Stopping by from Write Tribe. Happy Weekend!

  8. Google does give you a very comprehensive answer about everything .
    Loved the post .I am trying out the suitcase packing video .I can’t pack either !

  9. Hilarious- esp the very 1st one – tried best to control laugher.
    But how to pack a suitcase is something even i google often – infact before every big trip.
    It is said – when u roll the towel [ instead of folding] at the time of packing- it occupies less space. One of the tips which i find useful.

  10. This was too hilarious, Raj!!
    But, seriously, I too need to Google how to control my pee..that’s one thing that gives me too much stress during a journey.
    Oh god, every point here had me chuckling so much I am still giggling as I type my comment! 😃😃😃
    Congrats on completing this challenge, Raj! Enjoyed reading your posts and am hoping I am able to publish my comment today, via mobile😜

  11. This one is too good, Raj! I had a hearty laugh reading it! I am the same as you when it comes to googling all sorts of things…(not going into any details here) esp the last one coz I DO THAT TOO!!! 😀

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