Yogasana: X-Factor or Epic Fails #atozchallenge

My theme for this year’s #atozchallenge is – 26 Yogasana. So brace yourself for 26 days of stretching, backbends and inversions, as I take you along my upside down evenings, sincerely hoping that you will find these posts helpful 🙂

Keeping it real!!

Let’s sit, relax and enjoy this never-seen-before video of my epic fails over the years while doing Yoga. Thankfully (touchwood), I never got injured. I just picked myself up and did it again 😛

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C: Chakrasana
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G: Garudasana
H: Handstand
I : Inversion
: Janu Sirsasana
K: Koundiyasana
L : Lord of the Dance
M: Mermaid Pose
N: Navasana
O : Ostrich Pose
P : Can you Plow?
Q: Quarter Dog
R: Revolved Poses
S: Side Crow Swag
T : Triangle
U: Utrasana or Camel Pose
V: Vasisthasana
W: Wild Thing

7 thoughts on “Yogasana: X-Factor or Epic Fails #atozchallenge

  1. Your fails really didn’t look that bad, but then, I guess I don’t know enough about yoga to know what the intended positions were. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, though, and Happy A to Zing!

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