Yogasana: The Ostrich Stance #atozchallenge

My theme for this year’s Β #atozchallenge is – 26 Yogasana. So brace yourself for 26 days of stretching, backbends and inversions, as I take you along my upside down evenings, sincerely hoping that you will find these posts helpful πŸ™‚

Ostrich Pose

Keeping it short and simple today πŸ™‚ I came across this pose only recently, while looking for a Yoga pose starting with letter O. The pose emulates an ostrich trying to hide its head in the ground. I feel Ostrich pose is a great warm up as it stretches your arms, shoulders and hamstrings. Those with more flexibility can actually touch the floor with their foreheads.

Disclaimer: I am not an Instructor or Yoga teacher, only a regular Hatha Yoga practitioner who is passionate about fitness. I am writing this series to detail my learning and experience during the practice. Please consult a Physician/Doctor before starting any exercise regime as some of the poses might contradict with your existing medical issues, for example injuries related to spinal cord, knee, ankle, wrists, neck, medical conditions like Migraine, Diabetics, Asthma etc.

Stay Strong and Humble. Namaste πŸ™‚

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