Yogasana: The one with Weird legs #atozchallenge

My theme for this year’s  #atozchallenge is – 26 Yogasana. So brace yourself for 26 days of stretching, backbends and inversions, as I take you along my upside down evenings, sincerely hoping that you will find these posts helpful 🙂

Eight Angle Pose or Astavakrasana

One of the most difficult poses I have ever attempted. Frankly, I have a hard time figuring out what to do with my legs. Astavakrasana requires a certain amount of hip flexibility as the knee needs to rest above the elbows (in the tricep area). This yoga pose is an awesome wrists, core and arms strengthener. 

Not everyday is the same, that’s the thing about Yoga. Somedays I feel like an Olympian, other days I am a clumsy crab face planting on the floor. It’s the same with Eight Angle pose, so I do a lot of preparatory poses instead – 

 High lunge or Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana

Low Plank or Chaturanga Dandasana –  which I talked about in the previous post

 Leg Baby Cradleyes you need to cradle your foot like a baby (add it to the weird things Yogi does 😛  To know more about these poses check out the site – Yoga Journal

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Disclaimer: I am not an Instructor or Yoga teacher, only a regular Hatha Yoga practitioner who is passionate about fitness. I am writing this series to detail my learning and experience during the practice. Please consult a Physician/Doctor before starting any exercise regime as some of the poses might contradict with your existing medical issues, for example injuries related to spinal cord, knee, ankle, wrists, neck, medical conditions like Migraine, Diabetics, Asthma etc.


Stay Strong and Humble! Namaste.

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24 thoughts on “Yogasana: The one with Weird legs #atozchallenge

  1. Pretzel Girl is at it again! Haha! You are amazing with your flexibility and grace. My goodness. I wouldn’t even know how to do that and I’m sure my body would rebel every step of the way.

  2. If I ever tried this the only weird thing that would happen is my family walking in on me and asking if I have lost my mind 😛

    Like I said, I shall read, watch and admire your elasticity. Enough.

  3. Looks difficult! I do very ‘low level’ yoga, and don’t attempt any complicated ones. But enjoying seeing you attempting these feats!

  4. So since yesterday I’ve been like “Whoa, what do I even say”. If I don’t comment, just know that I’m all awed and/or have probably fainted trying some of these.

  5. That one is un- attemptable. I know no word like that but what to say. Your perfect yoga poses are twisting my brain too 😉

  6. You are my inspiration. Twice a month I do yoga after reading your updates on social media.

    This pose is difficult. I have no strength in my arms and have back injury. But I wish to attempt it some day. Very hopeful. 🙂

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