Yogasana: Side Crow Swag #atozchallenge

My theme for this year’s #atozchallenge is – 26 Yogasana. So brace yourself for 26 days of stretching, backbends and inversions, as I take you along my upside down evenings, sincerely hoping that you will find these posts helpful 🙂

 Pasarva Bakasana or Side Crow

Let me go straight to the video on how to get into Side Crow.

I used to be very very intimidated by this one. There was no way I could balance my body like that. The first few times I simply collapsed on my forearms, face planting on the ground. So instead of focusing on one particular asana, I concentrated on doing other asanas/workout that improved my core and arm strength like Bakasana, Headstand and all plank variations (low plank, side planks, forearm plank, spiderman, superman, commando).

And when in January this year, I tried to transition into a side crow from Mountain pose, it happened. What I have noticed since then is I can balance a Side crow much more easily if my warm up includes core strengthening asanas.

Disclaimer: I am not an Instructor or Yoga teacher, only a regular Hatha Yoga practitioner who is passionate about fitness. I am writing this series to detail my learning and experience during the practice. Please consult a Physician/Doctor before starting any exercise regime as some of the poses might contradict with your existing medical issues, for example injuries related to spinal cord, knee, ankle, wrists, neck, medical conditions like Migraine, Diabetics, Asthma etc.

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12 thoughts on “Yogasana: Side Crow Swag #atozchallenge

  1. That looks downright scary and impossible. Im glad you got to do it..maybe sometime in the future I might think about it as well. Thanks for introducing it to me 🙂

    Social Stigmas are a bane for our societies.Lets not give in.

    Readers of the Night

  2. Whoa, great job!!
    I am in the process of getting into shape, and if I ever, EVER master this one, I will happily say “I have arrived”!

  3. I am 59 years old, overweight and began yoga precisely 8 lessons ago. My gorgeous young instructor had the healthful beauties like you attempt this pose in the last class. A couple managed it. I sat on my fat arse and watched. I didn’t feel inspired. I cried with the shame of being so inadequate and how I have let my body become.
    All power to you.

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