Travel Tales: Wentworth Falls #atozchallenge

Location: Wentworth Fall, Australia

The sky was gray and clouds hung heavy as I made my way
through the trail shaded by tall tress and dense 
foliage. Stopping my
Fletcher’s Lookout, I drank in the view. A sprawling
valley underneath flanked by
tall mountains on the sides. Wentworth Falls was 
almost hidden between various
shades of green. Afar, I could even spot  
tourists walking across the
edge of the waterfall.

That was where I was after few more minutes of walking. I didn’t stop there,
but kept going on, down the Giant stairway, 
through the dense foliage,
further and further into the valley. The air had 
cooled down considerably and
sky was hardly peeking through the sheltered path. 
And then suddenly, the trees
made way to an open sky and I found myself under a
giant rock. This was, I later
found out, Upper Wentworth Falls. It fell down 
like a curtain, shimmering
and swaying. Mini waterfalls flowed down at the down, 
plunging further down the

You can read more about my hiking trip here

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