Travel Tales: Telstra Tower

Location: Telstra Tower, Canberra, Australia

The world looks small and so compressed from above, vulnerable too in fact. The city of Canberra, with its magnificent structures and a beautiful artificial lake, meandering across the landscape – you can get a 360 degree view of the capital city of Australia from Telstra Tower, located at Black Mountain.

Sit back and enjoy these views 🙂

Telstra Tower

The three viewing galleries provide an spectacular sight, the last two galleries are open air decks where you can feel the wind blowing wildly. 

5 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Telstra Tower

  1. Lovely view!!! As rightly mentioned, reminded me of a belly dancer's scarf. Love the feeling of wind blowing wildly through my hair, so would love to experience that.

  2. The Telstra Tower looks all blingy and jazzed up, like a belly dancers scarf:))
    Great pics!

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