Travel Tales: Postcards from Parliament House #atozchallenge

Location: Parliament House, Canberra

Today, let’s walk along the sophisticated corridors of Parliament House, in the capital city of Australia.

Forecourt and Great Verandah

“Unlike many civic buildings, which express the power and tastes of individuals or political philosophies, Parliament House was designed to encourage public access and involvement while responding to the Australian climate, landscape, vegetation, and even the quality of the light. It was designed to be both a functional building and a major national symbol.” – source

Great Hall – reserved for dinner, formal and major events

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11 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Postcards from Parliament House #atozchallenge

  1. Looks so well organized, well maintained and so pristine. Lovely architecture as well. Definitely seems like a national symbol. Thanks for sharing!

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    Readers of the Night

  2. Such a beautiful building – very different from most important government buildings. I'd love to see it.

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