Travel Tales: Ooty #atozchallenge

Location: Ooty, India
Ooty is rightly called the Queen of Hills – a beautiful lake right in the center, dreamy hilly terrain where sometimes you can even see clouds hanging low wrapping the peaks in a veil of mist. 

Ooty Lake

Fog was rolling in as we drove to Doddabetta Peak. A massive traffic jam had already built up all along the curvy road. We managed to find a parking after twenty minutes of slowly driving up the hill. (Think twice before heading out on a long weekend)

The peak was covered in thick fog and the temperature had dropped several degrees, thankfully there was no breeze. After seven years, I only have distinct memories of this peak from my Ooty trip. My husband wasn’t too happy given the traffic and crowd. But somehow, he mellowed down when we reached the peak. Probably it was the view, or just the fact that everything looked so mystical.

Doddabetta Peak

Our drive back home was much more cheerful, beautiful weather and gorgeous tea gardens kept us company as we drove down the hills.

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14 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Ooty #atozchallenge

  1. Ooty indeed is magical! I had been in the summer. So you can imagine what a relief it must have been. :p
    Btw, beautiful pictures. And yeah, botanical gardens there is very beautiful. πŸ™‚

  2. Ooty was our honeymoon destination. The place is so beautiful and magical. Did you visit the botanical gardens?

  3. I have been meaning to visit and despite living in bangalore fir a while, I didn't manage it. My recent 3 week trip there too didn't end in ooty πŸ™‚
    Now I am longing to go, reading your posts n seeing these stunning pics Raj.

    Once upon a time

  4. Awkward… I think we (your online buddies) are out to prove how useless we are. I am the third comment here and 3 out of 3 have officially never been to OOty despite staying pretty close.

  5. I am reading Shailaja's comment and I am thinking she too? I have to go to Ooty. Your pictures are lovely!

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