Travel Tales: Misty Mountains #atozchallenge

Far over the Misty Mountains cold 
To dungeons deep and caverns old – Tolkien

I grew up in a place where winters are extremely foggy.  Every morning while going to school I would watch the milkman on his ‘Hero‘ cycle, or school going kids on their modern pedal bikes slowly treading on uneven roads with the yellow fog light on.  That seems like a different era now.  But living in Sydney has made me relive those moments again.  Frequently on our road trips we are caught amidst thick fog that would roll in suddenly, between the trees and foliage, enveloping the whole area. You can barely see what’s ahead and slow down to atleast 40 km/hr even on the highway. 

I have seen the fog cover a brightly lit day over the mountains, hiding the sun and the valley in a blanket of whiteness.  It looks surreal…  so mystical when you watch the forces of nature at work.  Unstoppable. 
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3 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Misty Mountains #atozchallenge

  1. I always feel at home atop the mountain ranges, surrounded by the cool mist that keeps caressing the face and soothes the senses…Loved the pics☺

  2. i love how calm the surrounding are in the photos. Right now its so hot in BLR i want to be in a misty mountain ASAP.

  3. The pictures are stunning. And yes, i love the mist cz I belong to a place where misty mountains are a rare sight. It only is visible during monsoon.

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