Travel Tales: Lincoln Rock #atozchallenge

Location: Lincoln Rock (Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia)

I didn’t know what to expect when I reached the spot after many a turns and crossing lanes consisting of massive residential houses.  The view from the car park was hidden by thick wild bushes.  And just like that,  a few steps away from the parking area the valley opened up.  Lincoln rock is what it says it is.  A massive rocky cliff overlooking a different part of Blue Mountains.  There were no safety railings and the wind was cold and strong .  

The view was stunning. 

It felt absolutely amazing to stand on the cliff and look down.  I wanted to sit along the edge and hang my legs down but my overprotective husband absolutely forbade it, which I knew was wise but still…l I have the streak to do risky things. 

Afar I could watch the fog rolling in.  And soon the whole view was covered by thick fog.  The wind became colder. It started pouring by the we were back on the main road. The traffic lights lightly veiled by fog and mist. 

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8 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Lincoln Rock #atozchallenge

  1. What an incredible experience it must have been to be up there looking out at such a gorgeous view. Lovely photos! I would be like your hubs and nag you not to go close to the edge either. Scary stuff! I don't like heights all that much.

  2. This would have been just stunning – I am scared of heights so wouldn't have attempted going near the edge 🙂

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