Travel Tales: eXtrude #atozchallenge

Location: eXtrude, at Vivid Sydney 2016 (Sydney, Australia)

Another beautiful installation during the annual festival of Light and music – Vivid Sydney. This year the spectacular light show will open for 23 nights from 26th May 2017.

The pillars would light up when you stepped on the platform they were built on. This interactive installation for sure attracted a lot of kids.

10 thoughts on “Travel Tales: eXtrude #atozchallenge

  1. Something seems wrong with my internet connectivity. I am unable to see the picture here on both my lappy and my phone. However, it sounds like it is going to be a vibrant show. Long back I'd seen the New year eve fireworks in Sydney. That was mesmerising!

  2. Oh wow thats stunning and what a pleasureable game for the kids and adults alike!!

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    Love of hotels

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