Travel Tales: Assam #atozchallenge

Location: Nimati Ghat (Jorhat, Assam)

As I waited for my Dad on the silent shores of Brahmaputra, the tranquility of the scene struck me. Brahmaputra, the mighty river, flowing through the heart of Assam (a northeastern state of India), has swept away thousands of villages, cattle and humans during the flood ‘season’, each year, every year. And here it was, in the mid of December winter, flowing steadily, calm and aloof, so unlike it’s ravenous monsoon avatar.

Towards dusk, a faint outline of the ‘Ferry from Majuli’ appeared on the Horizon, carrying passengers and numerous vehicles – cycles, motorbikes and cars. Sailing slowly towards Nimati Ghat, taking its own sweet time. It took about half an hour for the ferry to reach the destination. As my Dad walked outside the Ghat, he was greeted by bright smiles and tight hugs from family.

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24 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Assam #atozchallenge

  1. 1 of my favorites places is Assam – I too have some wonderful memories of my visits there. It seems Assam finds a home in every heart! Lovely pics! Great start to AtoZ. Good Luck 🙂

  2. Food and travel, food, and more travel – I long to travel more and eat less, and these blogs are only making it harder! Lovely pics and words to match.

  3. Lovely pics and good to see travelling tales about India. Enjoyed reading about your Australia trips earlier.

  4. I've always heard of Brahmaputra described as this mighty river. Your post conjures up such vivid images. Loved the pictures too (as always, your pics are brilliant)

  5. I really would love to know more about Assam. Beyond the stereotypes that people showcase, I really know not much more.

  6. Beautiful Photos Raj. Assam is such a treasure trove of nature. Hope to visit again. Lots of relatives in guwahati, maligaon.

  7. Wow…love the words and the pictures! Looks like you're at it again…two blogs and going great already 🙂

  8. It is truly a mighty river. India is blessed to have so many great rivers – Ganges, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Krishna and Kaveri and the tributaries of the Indus. Rivers have so much soul.

  9. What gorgeous pictures Raj- I love your photography a lot. This post has such longing and feeling embedded within. I loved it.
    Kickass start girl!! Waiting to see more from you. 😊🎈

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