My Sister’s love for 5 Kg of Urea

We are a supportive bunch – my family I mean. We love deeply, laugh loudly and support each other no matter what, even when we don’t understand what we are supporting. 😛

Let me explain. My sister is doing her PhD in a High Security Animal Disease Institute and has been working on her thesis for over 3 years. Her life starts and ends in her Lab, doing experiments that I can’t even begin to fathom, trying to find a cure for a ‘chicken disease’, I suppose. Apologies for my absolutely foolish layman terms, she tried to explain but blame my cardboard brain, I can’t differentiate a test tube from a burette.


Often she would call me (and my family members), lamenting about failed tests and broken test tubes.

“Diiii (add a frustrated cry here), I haven’t got my results yet…My whole week is wasted”.

“It’s ok, it’s ok. You will get your results. Keep trying. Work hard. You are strong…(Add some other motivating stuffs)”, but I have no freaking idea what’s this ‘Results’ she is waiting for.  Mind you, I have been saying the same thing since the beginning.

Also she is getting weirder every passing day.

“Diiiii I need to buy 5 kg of  Urea”
“I finished all the 20 kg I had”
“Heinn!!! Is that a new kind of drug you PhD people smoke”
“No no, it’s for the experiment” 

I am a good sister. I support her, even though I couldn’t figure out for what godforsaken reason a girl needs 25 kg of Urea. It’s definitely not for any face masks that I know of.

Or for instance, take last week when she sent me a stunning picture of her in a new dress, but with a caption saying – “Can’t buy this, need money to buy Syringes”

I wanted to ask –  Is it for the chicken or you , but refrained 😛

The other day she was talking about the struggles of her daily life. The rough hair which she had to chop till the nape, the failed results (again), the pending papers for scientific journals, submission of applications for Research Assistant  and so on.

I could only reply with,” Yeah, I too struggle. I am working so hard to do a side split”

I was pretty sure if I wasn’t her sister, she would have given me the finger. 😛


These days, my family is collectively praying for her to get the Results this year… Like seriously, this is actually we pray to God – “Bhagwan ji,  please let J achieve her Results”.  And yes, none of us know what it actually looks like – do you eat it or drink it or put it in the chicken.  😛


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54 thoughts on “My Sister’s love for 5 Kg of Urea

  1. We need people like your sister… I have a cat and he was very ill a month back, he is still a lill kitten and all the vets did not know his exact problems buthow he is doing fine. But we need people like your sister to find out more about how to treat animals. I also saw chicken and parrot and plenty of dogs with some problem during my check up for the cat and they got injections. So syringes are important I think when dealing with animals. My cat got so many injections): … I am glad he is healthy now(:

  2. Hein… and I laughed throughout the narrative. 😀 What an amazing title and equally engaging post, Raj! I’m also nil batte sannata when it comes to biological terms. 😛

    BTW I loved the simple yet refreshing new look of the blog. Kudos! 🙂

  3. That was such a funny post, Raj…andI really do sincerely wish that your sister completes her PhD very soon. You are terrific with yoga poses…can’t see where the trouble is with the side-split. Great weekend read, this one! 😀

    1. Dii I knw her struggle. If she need to buy another pack of urea then actually all her experiments may have been negative. But that’s a positive sign that she is moving towards her finishing of Ph.D.

  4. This was laugh out loud hilarious! I can just picture your face when she mentioned the urea 😀 I have a cousin who is studying bio-genome theory in dogs or something and she sent me a paper to edit. You can imagine my horror!

    And you! Stop it with the side splits and head stands and curved postures. I mean it!

  5. Haha 😀 I so love your funny posts, Raj. I started reading you last to last April for your A to Z posts were entertaining. I would always make it a point to come back a read you. Paavam sister, I tell you. 🙂

  6. Ha Ha. PHD is a tough nut to crack. Few of the people I know went insane while doing it. Letting go of a beautiful dress for syringes… the sacrifices science students make. One of my friend hasn’t gone to a good restaurant in 6 months. Need money not good food is her current motto. I hope she gets results too this year.

  7. Funny but true. At least non in your family is discouraging her.
    I know a few friends (or rather had a few friends) who were doing this for years and years.

  8. The titles you give to your posts, seriously! I came here not knowing at all what to expect.
    Good luck to your sister. May she successfully cure chicken disease (?)

  9. Oh, this was hilarious. I needed this laugh, Raj, after consistently failing in putting my baby down for his nap. 🙂 Keep sharing such amusing stories. 🙂

    1. awww so happy this post was a good break for you. Thank you. Little one must be keeping you so busy!

  10. This was hilarious, Raj! First of all, the title caught my attention. I was so curious to know WHY your sis needed 5 kg Urea, of all the things! And, then. when I began reading the post, I giggled and then laughed till i had tears in my eyes! Poor girl, what all she has to do for her PhD! I love how you all stand by her, praying for whatever it is that she needs and sending her your love and best wishes, not knowing what she is doing out there!
    It was such an adorable post…adorable and, of course, hilarious!
    Has your sis read it? Do let me know her response! 😛

  11. I had to read this twice, Raj! Because the 1st time I did i was laughing so hard that i had to keep my laptop aside.
    Your family sounds adorable, just like mine ;))))))
    I still remember the post about your Mom’s reaction to your haircut:))))
    And to think I put off reading this post after reading Urea in the title!;))))

    1. aww thank you so much Mayuri. So happy that this made you laugh 😀 We just love our crazy bunch don’t we 😛

  12. The headline was so intriguing. Could relate to this one. I was pursuing my doctorate in Plant Physiology from PUSA, IARI when I got married. Couldn’t complete it for personal reasons. The research can be grueling and painful but the rewards are immense. Wish her luck.

  13. Can’t stop smiling at every line. PHD people owe my respect with endless days and nights waiting for results. A fun filled read. Hope to see you on 15th with your tales at my new Linkup party.

    1. True, they are working so hard. Just listening to her experiments gives me anxiety. Thank you so much 😀

  14. I laughed out loud on – we don’t know what we are supporting. I felt the same when my brother was doing research on farms in North Dakota. Why she needs urea and syringes, I mean looking weed-like suspicious.😝

    BTW, I don’t think you are struggling with side split. You are a Yoga Goddess!

    It was an entertaining read. My Sunday evening is light now!

    1. hahaha yeah her antics makes me even more suspicious. Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed reading this.

  15. Don’t let your sister read this .!A super fun read .But I get your sister .I am still like this .Buy trying to have a life in the meantime

  16. One person’s side splits are another’s syringes 😛

    Interesting take on sibling sagas, Rajlakshmi.
    Cool design of the site too

  17. I totally love tales of your family and friends. You do have a wonderfully colourful bunch. You need to sponsor some syringes for your sister so she can go buy that dress. Coincidentally my sister is doing a PhD too, except she does;t have anything as glamorous as urea to work with 🙂

    1. yeah sure they are a colorful bunch 😀 Oh cool, wish her luck, because I am sure she needs it too 😀 Thank you.

  18. You win my personal award for Best Blog Post Title Ever. Hey, chickens are important to the world. Wishing your sister the best with her Results.

  19. Urea? I thought urea was used as fertiliser by farmers and by crooked milkmen as whitening agents :p

    Erm…what’s a burette?


    P.s. Updated my blog. Do drop by.

    1. hahaha that’s what I thought too. Apparantly, there are other uses too 😛
      Glad to see you here 😀

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