5 things I did last Week

It’s been raining non stop in Sydney, so one of the top priorities has been to stay dry and not catch that awful gut-spilling cough that I am so susceptible to.

Postcard from Singapore

One of the highlights of last week was receiving this beautiful parcel from Damyanti for winning a giveaway hosted on her blog. You can imagine my delight!! 😀 Along with the book, she also sent me this lovely postcard with a handwritten message. I absolutely love receiving postcards and this one made me smile even more. Thank you so much Damyanti. I am so happy to receive this … started reading already.

Garden Greens

I didn’t realize I was growing Long Chillis until they started flowering. The plant grew quite tall and when the first chilli was ready to be plucked, I was surprised by how long it had grown. I made some really nice Mirchi Bhajji out of these 😀

My Garden Greens 😀


Teishoku is a Japanese set meal, served with Rice, Miso soup and an assortment of vegetables and fish. Since I don’t eat animal meat anymore, I chose a dish with fish and exchanged my chicken piece for a piece of Broccoli 😛 This set consists of rice covered with fish eggs, tofu and mushroom, on the sides you can see three slices of Sashimi served with seaweed and Wasabi, then there’s a tray with potato mash, broccoli, fried tofu, spring roll and crab meat. I also ordered Genmaicha green tea to go with this delicious meal.

Gratitude Bell

Yesterday we drove to Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, one of my favorite places outside Sydney, and rang the Gratitude Bell. It was raining on and off and we even got drenched while walking up the hill. But I have been wanting to ring it for a long time now and was feeling extraordinarily thankful for all the things happening around me 🙂


I took out my water colors and brush this week to try something new. Somehow I feel watercoloring is tough, it’s so difficult to get the shades the right. I am in awe of everyone who can mix these colors and paint delicate patterns and designs.


How was your week? Did you do anything new?

19 thoughts on “5 things I did last Week

  1. I didn’t realize that you got yourself a new domain name. Congrats Rajalakshmi! Your artwork always are so inspirational. I hope to start painting again sometime soon. Lovely pictures!

  2. What a lovely week you have had, great pics to go along. The joys of life are in the little things – came to my mind when I read your post- it made me smile:-) Just loved it:-)

  3. Woo.. that’s fab. I love to have a kitchen garden and all I have are some marigolds 😛
    The watercolor poster looks awesome! Ha, wish I could make something out of the colors which I have bought. Na, not even opened the packet. Congrats on winning the book 🙂

  4. The waterpaint and Calligraphy artwork is gorgeous. I would happily be hanging it on my wall with pride. Mirchi Bajji’s from chillis grown in your own garden sound heavenly.

  5. You had a very interesting week. That bell looks amazing. I’d want to ring it too. Watercolouring is tough but a lot of fun.

  6. Raj, I absolutely love the waterbrush and caligraphy photo. You are a pro at it. Congratulations on the chilies too. I love my plants and when they flower and give a fruit/veg i treat them at babies too (though I eat them)

  7. A beautiful recap! I loved the red chillies too. And getting a hand written postcard is really lovely. Seems like a fulfilling week to me.

  8. I love the chillies!! It is so fulfilling to harvest your own garden.
    Congratulations for winning the book. And that bell looks so regal. The poster with the watercolour is very beautiful and so is the header.
    Never doubt your artistic talent. Keep going!!

  9. Looks like you had the perfect mix of everything last week! Mine was nothing but a bit regular boring week at work with relaxing weekend to follow!

  10. A lot of our week was digging out of a major snowstorm. I am hoping for springlike weather now that spring is almost here, but probably won’t have that luck. My son loves to grow hot peppers but won’t be able to get them outside until, probably, May.

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