12 Android Apps that I Love

I run the risk of being called a phone addict (which my husband already does), but I just can’t help it. With so many awesome apps at my disposal, how can I not take advantage of them 😉 I love finding new apps, trying them out and then uninstall them if I don’t like them within 2-3 minutes of use. Life’s too short for crappy apps.
So here’s a list of android apps that I use in my everyday life.



(Instagram and Pinterest)

Be it fitness, beauty, art, lifestyle – Instagram and Pinterest are my favourite apps to find new ideas. This is a medium that shows me what our bodies our capable of, it shows me a world that I would love to explore one day, how art can improve if practiced every day and if I can’t figure out how to style a black skirt, all I have to do is look up Pinterest … this is a medium that has helped me set personal goals and keeps me upbeat to complete them as well.
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Checking out Art Transformation is my new favourite time pass 😉


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I found this amazing beauty who made me look at long hair in whole different light 😀 Now I am really really serious about taking care of my hair 🙂




Photo Editing 

(Prisma, Z Galley, Layout)

Since I need to take a whole bunch of pictures for my blogs and Instagram, I need photo editing apps on the go.
Prisma – I use Prisma filters for those pictures which are bit shaky or has too much noise. Plus some of the finished pictures look very artistic with all the extra colors.
Z Camera and Layout (for Instagram) are two new apps I installed to compose and make collages, specially my Yoga photos.




(ColorNote, Journey, Calendar)

ColorNote – From writing down grocery list to typing blog posts while commuting in train, ColorNote is an easy no-fuss app for times when you want to quickly write down something. 
Journey – I treat it as an online gratitude journal, where I write all the good things that has happened to me 😊 In a world filled with so much negativity and stress, we often tend to ignore the positive things that happen in our lives. Journey allows you to save photos along with a note.
My Calendar – This app has a very cute interface and I use it to track my health – Period dates, Acne, headaches etc etc.


(Facebook, Twitter)

Do I need to say anything more 🙂 I mostly use these two apps for blogging – to share my blog link, find other bloggers and socialize with them. I love the blogging communities that I am a part of and cannot thank them enough for all the love and encouragement I have received. Write Tribe, BlogChatter and Blog-a-rhythm: these incredibly supportive and positive bunch of souls are the wind beneath my blog’s wings 🙂


(StumbleUpon, Kindle)

StumbleUpon – I love the randomness of StumbleUpon, the articles that come up at the click of a button ranges from weird to absolutely brilliantly. 
Kindle – I am pretty sure all the book lovers will have this app installed on their phones for reading e-books. 
Apart from them, I use Buffer to schedule to my tweets, ThinkDirty to find how toxic a product is, FitnessPal as a food diary and TripPlanner to check Sydney public transport timings.
I am currently looking for some great video editing tools, please recommend few in the comment section 😇

18 thoughts on “12 Android Apps that I Love

  1. What a treat this list is, Raj! I am a phone and app addict too!:)
    I’m going to download your photo apps, i love the look you give your yoga pics:)
    I always takeaway something from your blog each time I visit:) Thank you:)

  2. Lots of apps there! I have an Apple and while I guess some of these apps would be available on that too, I haven’t accessed them all. I do use My Fitness Pal and for transport by the way, I also find Next There are a good app — tells you where the bus/train is at as well.

    Nicely done with the blog by the way. I’m super impressed you’ve done this all on your own. Migration is a nightmare. I also like the URL.

  3. I haven't heard of few apps at all 🙄
    Recently joined Instagram and living it! Is colornote similar to Evernote? I use that for lists and blog plotting.

  4. These are good apps. I use many of them, will try the photo apps and journey too. Have never tried StumbleUpon but will do. Thanks for sharing these, your photos are always awesome.

  5. I am an app addict too. I have many apps on the phone..google apps, Insta, Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Some media players, wattpad, goodreads, WordPress, Wynk music player,and many more.

  6. I use kindle, my calendar, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest apps. Uninstalled Facebook a while ago. My go to app for note taking is google keep. I have a few games installed and of course gmail, YouTube, etc and can't forget beloved Netflix. I will check out the apps you have mentioned here, Raj. 🙂

  7. I use mainly social media applications, and an app called Gas Buddy (not sure if it is available outside the United States); which gives you gasoline prices all over the country. That is so valuable when you travel, as is an app called Trip Advisor.

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