Unheard | Palindrome Poetry

Insurmountable glory of – Universe,
distant galaxies and dead stars,
amidst is – Earth
herein lives, hopelessly delicate life
unrestrainedly breeding, squabbling
borders broken are deaf too, while,
reverberate lonely warcries.  


Warcries lonely reverberate,
while, too deaf are broken borders,
squabbling, breeding unrestrainedly,
life delicate, hopelessly lives herein
Earth – is amidst,
dead stars and galaxies distant, 
Universe – of glory insurmountable.

Form: Palindrome Poetry, also called Mirrored Poetry
A palindrome, by definition, is a word, phrase, verse, sentence, or even poem that reads the same forward or backward.  Check out more of my Palindromes: 

Midnight Blue

One of my favorite Palindrome Poems that I found recently online is Doppleganger by J.A Lindon – Doppleganger.
There are different ways to write a Palindrome Poem – you can find more styles here

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