Mom and the Hair Affair

Backyard photo-shoot on a lazy day, mostly because my acne had finally healed and before new ones start popping out again, I wanted to change my Facebook profile picture.
I come from a family of ladies with long, jet black hair, cascading down their lithe frame, till the knees. That, according to my mom, is the ultimate hair goal. She doesn’t understand colors like burgundy or auburn, neither she could comprehend if “Layering” is a hairstyle or a mishap. 

“Did the stylist got bored of cutting your hair!”, she once asked my sister who came home with a stylish step cut. “It’s too hot outside Mom”, she replied with the ultimate defense line.
I still remember the day I got my first blond streaks and a haircut, after my sister coaxed me into it. I had just got down from the car and my mom was waiting at the porch. I was visiting home after 7 months.  She looked at me with all the love and care of the world, and then, slowly, I could see her expression change. She stared and stared some more. Her eyebrows had started reacting too. “Ramo Krishno Ramo Krishno“, she uttered in disbelief and went straight inside the house. I was pretty sure it was to get her world famous broom. 

And yes, that was the case, but that broom landed on my sister because my mom blamed her for the ‘debacle’. There was some chasing around the house as my sister ran for her life while I explained to my dad that it’s not mud on hair but a color. My parents can be so cute at times.

That night I sneaked into my sister’s room to give her a life saving tip. “Remember the plan to add blue streaks in your hair“, I said, “I don’t believe it’s a good idea”. 😂


That was in 2010. Last Dec, I tried to color my hair myself the first time, a ‘soft black’ it said on the package. But looks like my hair is a little too dark and nothing happened even after keeping the mixture on for 30 minutes (which I now realize wasn’t enough). There’s a slight hint of Brownish hue as you can see from the picture, but is visible only in the sunlight. There goes my money!! Sigh. My Mom, of course, isn’t aware for my experiments 😉

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24 thoughts on “Mom and the Hair Affair

  1. So much fun it is to read your posts, Raj! Utter joy! I'm going to catch up on other posts as well! I like your family stories, the way you narrate things about your mom and your sister!
    And your looks beautiful! Ask me! My hair never grow beyond the shoulders, no matter how much I try to nourish them, get a trim or use the umpteen home remedies to grow them. Nothing happens!

    Loved being here 🙂


  2. hahah…the broom incident makes me believe that your mother is well aware your sister is the regular rule breaker 😀 My dadi was like this, no not the broom part but the agonising act over cut hair. In school I had long hair and my mother (a non-conformist) got my hair chopped off and afterwards we faced slight ire of Dadi for it since it was a sin in her eyes. By the way, you have lovely tresses.

  3. Luckily, I am blessed with nothing. There is no expectation. Your hair looks lovely. There is a little hint of color but it's ravishing.

    Your mother famous broom – that is another story. Do share it with us.

  4. Ooh I'm so colouring my hair some time in future! My mom doesn't fit into your description though :p. She always blames me for not trying out new hairstyles. After a recent layer cut though, she's satisfied with the look, and so am I since I don't have to spend time on combing this short hair. 😀 Oh and your hair looks amazing <3

  5. Moms can be real cute at times. I could actually imagine your Mom running behind your sister with the broom. 😀 I am not fortunate enough. I have short hair and not at all voluminous. So no experiments possible at all.

  6. I hear you sistah! My hair is so dark that any color I try doesn't show much. Unless I bleach it ofcourse but that is something I'd never do.

    My mom gave up on me long ago. I'd do crazy things and get weird haircuts, but thankfully the texture of my hair was good and survived all the mishaps. So she was fine. Although she's not too happy now that I have a bob. Especially since I'm a married lady now.

  7. Lol moms could be cute at so many times. They sure can be obsessed with thick black hair. And would ensure every step is done to maintain that for their girls. I can imagine her look seeing hose red streaks on ur hair…

  8. Lol moms could be cute at so many times. They sure can be obsessed with thick black hair. And would ensure every step is done to maintain that for their girls. I can imagine her look seeing hose red streaks on ur hair…

  9. Poor your mom! Your hair is lovely, Raj. You know, I come from a family where everyone has long thick hair and I am the only one with thin hair. I hated all through my childhood when people comment on my hair. Last week I cut my hair short, now it barely touches my shoulder. 😊

  10. My mum is quite the opposite. We always had shirt hair. Only when I hit my teens could I finally grow it. Now I have come to realise she was right and short is the perfect length for my rather scanty hair.

  11. I love experimenting with my hair. I dyed my hair twice- it was a copper streak and I loved it! I mostly have short hair, but I do make it a point to cut my hair just once in a year, so that my mother is satisfied with the way my hair grows all through the year. Lovely post!

  12. Rajlakshmi, I can so understand why your mom was obsessed with your long hair…my mom was too. She too had long hair and so did I. But I was an idiot who preferred short hair and so had it all cut off. Now I rue the mess that my hair has become. How I wish I had taken my mum's advice and given my hair some more attention and love. But you look so pretty with that hair and that cut and the colour. I think your mum will forgive you this time. ♡♡

  13. All i see is a gorgeous girl with fantastic hair. What is it with Moms and haircuts eh? 🙂 I remember that time when I argued for months about chopping my hair off, and then one day, simply went and did it. Sure, she was shocked, but got over it as it grew back. 🙂 So funny to picture your Mom chasing your sister. So did your sis ever get the blue tint?

  14. Ahh so not the right person to comment on hair but let's just say my mom loves experimenting with her hair and she passed that down to my sis and both of them experimented on my hair. Since my hair was anyways bad it didn't matter much. 😉

  15. I understand this soooooo well. I too have a love hate relationship with my hair and that of my girls. I can't understand why they want to torture their locks into submission. On the other hand, I can't understand why they don't want to comb out the curl!!!! Sigh! It's really hard to please a mum.

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