Hiking in Wentworth Falls, Australia

Our drive to Wentworth Falls
was an impromptu decision. It was a sunny Sunday morning and we both were
itching to go on a bushwalk or hike. We initially thought of driving to Blue
Mountains and hike somewhere near Echo Point, but while on the road, the
Wentworth Falls sign board made us realize that we have never hiked in those
A quick turn and a light Thai
brunch later, we drove towards Wentworth Falls Picnic Spot. The place was
buzzing with activity. The parking inside the picnic area was already full, and
so were the roads leading to it. We finally managed to find a vacant spot after
driving for about ten minutes around the streets. There are different hiking
tracks from the lookout point, of various grades. We picked a Grade 3
Undercliff-Overcliff route (3 hours return).

The Undercliff route was
fairly easy as it was mostly downhill. The air got cooler, a nice breeze kept
us cool in spite of the blazing sun. We walked under overhead rocks, through
narrow paths, swampy and muddy spots where we had to jump over rocks and
bricks. All the way, we walked along the cliffs, flanked by a gorgeous view of
the deep valley and the Blue Mountains.
It feels refreshing to be in
nature, listening to cicadas and accidently spotting a bird we have never seen
before or big lizards skittering into the bush. My heart does skip a beat if I
hear slithering noises behind me.

The Overcliff route was
fairly tough and I could feel the heat of the Sydney Summer. Our plan was to reach
the Conservation Hut, relax and order few snacks and then return back to the
car park. The conservation hut was about 30-45 minutes from the point where
Overcliff Route started. It is an uphill rocky trek, with lookouts at various

A steep staircase starts 10
minutes before the Conservation hut restaurant, and those 10 minutes were the
toughest climb I had in a long time (After the 1400 steps climb at Jog
Waterfall) Made me realize how old I am. And it was not just me. Everyone had
slowed down their pace, breathing deeply, probably praying for this ordeal to
end. Atleast I was. The sight of the hut was the most beautiful sight at that
time and yet the stairs hadn’t stopped.
As soon as we found a table,
I gulped down a bottle of cold water. We ordered Pesto pasta, ice creams, iced coffee and a
Creaming Soda – yes we deserved it.
After spending about an hour
in the restaurant, we traced our steps back to the carpark. This time it wasn’t
too bad.

Iced Coffee with Cream

The view from our table.
One of your goals this year is
to do as many bushwalks and hikes as possible. We were pretty lazy in 2016, that’s
not something we would like to repeat.
Tell me about your favorite
hikes in comment section.

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  1. You are one person I like to visit everyday! such pleasing pictures, great activity and that discovery – phew! Rajlakshmi you never let a chance to chance!

  2. Oh wow. Looks just amazing …. here we are hiking around in snow and all, and the big questions is if we should put on ski or not…. But anyway getting out . having a touch of fresh air is … well life itself. Enjoy my friend:-)

  3. Tougher than 1400 steps at Jog Falls – wow- that's quite challenging a hike- I have not been on a hike ever – would like to try it sometime – your fitness inspires….🙂

  4. Wow! Such gorgeousness you discovered on that impromptu visit! Thank you for giving us a glimpse of such beauties some of us will probably only get to see through your eyes and camera. That ice-cream looks so yummy!

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