Happiness Is …

Happiness is – doing the things you love. 

Happiness is …

1) Decorating the living room with your own paintings

I have always loved african woman paintings. Always attracted to the life in bright colors and swaying forms. So since I was already in artistic gear, the first two days of the new year were spent painting my heart out. These are not my original ideas but inspired from the ones I found on Pinterest.

2) Receiving Postcard from Japan.

It’s been years since I had received a postcard of any sort. So imagine how delighted I was when I received this lovely message from my friend in Japan. Thank you so much Mel.

3) Hiking in the mountains

Fitzroy Falls, Australia

4) Nailing the Side Crow

Side Crow was super tough for me when I first started. In fact, I even gave up practicing it. A lot of wall handstands and weight workout later, I could finally balance this crow pose variation. And when I tried it again, I wasn’t dipping anymore, it was straighter than before. This is a step towards nailing one of my Yoga Goals – the Fallen Angel.

Check out the video I followed to get into Side Crow Yoga Pose.

And, of course, FRIDAYS make me happy! πŸ˜‡

Do share in the comment section what activities keep you Happy? 😁

22 thoughts on “Happiness Is …

  1. Loved reading your post. Postcards are rear now a days and I know can see how happy you must be when u received it. Yoga pose is just speechless οΏ½οΏ½

  2. Thrilled to see your yoga poses. I too feel happy on seeing african ladies with full of power and potential. Books, Friends, Mountains, Sea, Waterfalls, Family are key things that make me happy always !!!

  3. Strangely, tidying up and seeing the dust gone, the cupboards neatly arranged and the dinner all finished makes me really happy. Currently I am without home help ( that is a big deal in India) and I am really working my butt off and tired by the end of day but I am happy…..

  4. Raji.. Awesome yaar!! I wish there were individual likes n loves beneath each pic!
    The crow pose is just unimaginable.. so sweet of ur friend, sending u postcards..
    U r an inspiration! Keep up ur fantabulous work n keep us inspired πŸ˜€

  5. You are extremely talented. The drawing is exemplary! I have always been an admirer of your yoga poses and I loved the video too πŸ™‚

  6. That painting is so beautiful…..the tender motherly aura it emanates is so aesthetically appealing….and postcard….hmm….I would love to get one too…..:)….You are amazingly fit too….that yoga pose is beyond me….in fact any yoga pose is beyond me….:P

  7. Lovely way to begin the first week of the year or any week actually! Beautiful painting, love the colors! Postcard from Japan? Do they even do it? Hiking through that gorgeous place is awesome! And that yoga pose? Sighhhhhhh!!

  8. I don't know what I love the most here. That painting is fab. I wanted to paint and I made P buy colors. It is lying there somewhere untouched. You inspire me, Raj. Love ya <3

  9. I loveeeeeee the first painting! The colors used are super fab!

    The animals on the stamps from Japan are so cute! It sure is awesome to receive a letter or a post card in this era.

    You amaze me every time, you multi talented superwoman! πŸ˜€

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