I lost a Summer last year,
and few Autumns before,
now all that resides in the cracks of my heart,
is a fragment of Spring, ever longing to leave,
the confines of my memories.

I see the seasons dangle,


a gossamer moon,
swollen and bursting,
with distasteful happiness.

A flavor forgotten eons ago.

A flavor, they say, was my favorite.

23 thoughts on “Flavor

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  2. My first time here… love the background and colors in this blog… and the verse too.. i am drawn to contradictions these days– 'distasteful happiness' these words hit me… beautiful..

  3. It touched me so much I felt like crying – maybe I too have a fragment of spring that blossoms not completely – some incomplete song that cries in a corner…. You are a beautiful poet….❀️

  4. Oh Raj! You have a poetry blog too? Lord, you are a gold mine of talent. And this is amazing poetry. I loved the first four lines of the verse the most.

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