[Fitness] Life’s All Kinds Of Clumsy

Lower, Lower… you need to go lower”, he said exasperatedly.
If I go any lower, I won’t get up“, I cried back.
Well, it’s my fault, I asked my husband to count the number of proper push-ups I do in one set. I did 10 (or so I thought), but all I could hear was ONE. Yes, just one. When I disagreed, he called my push up a “lulu-pilu” push up and went on to do a big display of how a proper push-up is done. Uff the gall of this boy! After that, started the drill. 
I would be on the floor, trying to do one proper Push- Up, while he would just stare at me and shake his head. 
It took me back to the childhood days when Dad would call the three of us and say – give me 10. Immediately we would be on the floor, trying to outdo each other. In those younger days I could do chin ups too, but now I can barely hang down from the bar.
The last time I tried to do EPK2 or Eka Pada Koundiyasana 2, was more than a year back. I had no arm strength and was really clumsy with my legs. Then last week, it happened. Just like that I was able to lift my legs. I believe all the Chaturanga Dandasana, push-ups and weight workouts helped me to achieve this. I still can’t balance it for long and keep falling off… Practice, I need more practice.
More core strengthening stuffs happening below.
The reflection looks so much better though


There’s a Crow in the backyard! – Bakasana

Remember how I wanted to do a Fallen Angel Pose. Well!! This is the closest I will ever get to break dancing. My legs are all kinds of awkward. 😜The journey to a beautiful pose, is surely not pretty 😹 (Not to mention that look of desperation before making a great fall)
My quest for the perfect split continues. I am one Yoga Block away from touching the ground, but that itself might take months. For now, it’s stretching and more stretching and taking care of my hamstrings. There was a time when I would push too hard, end up with knee pain and had to start all over again after resting for a week or so. But now, I am slowly learning to not stupidly rush things and understand the limitations of my body.


I made my first inversion video, at least one where I didn’t goof up. The struggle for a strong core – is real my dear friends.


31 thoughts on “[Fitness] Life’s All Kinds Of Clumsy

  1. Gasp, gasp, gasp and a long sighhhhh!! Yeah that's all I can say to your commendable asanas Raj! In awe! Proud of you dear girl! Your asanas are getting better I can say despite knowing nothing much about them!

  2. I am always in awe of your Yoga poses. And about push ups, tell me about it. I can't go completely down, still don't have that much strength but it's okay. It's much better from where I began. My flexibility has become so much better over the years but nowhere close to yours. Kudos!

  3. I bow to thee! You are so impressive. I'm in awe of your upper body strength. You see, my lower body is pretty strong and I can leg press huge weights but upper body and core are not even close. I've got to find a good yoga class. Also, how in the world do you have time for all of this?! I know I've asked you before but I'm still astounded!

    1. Thank you so much Sanch. I wish I could do all the weight lifting that you can… I follow Youtube tutorials since I don't get enough time for a class ( I just didn't search for any yoga studio) 🙂 Plus all the posts of other yogis on Instagram keeps me pumped 😛

  4. You are so right, Raj! Understanding the limitations of your body and working around it, slowly and patiently, is what will help you achieve success. I am experiencing it and taking real care not to push myself harder than what my body can take.
    Superb superb poses, man! I am in awe of you, girl! Do you know that? <3

  5. My my! You never seize to inspire me, Raj. And this one is jaw-dropping! I so wish you do that perfect split soon! 🙂 And oh yeah, I don't think I will ever be able to do any of this.

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