The love for Jacaranda

It’s Jacaranda season in Sydney – that time of the year when the city is gripped in smurf-like fever. You will find these beautiful trees laden with blue/purple flowers all around the Sydney CBD and it’s suburbs.

Recently, the current and former alumni of the University of Sydney mourned the collapse of 88 year old Jacaranda tree, which had been flowering in the campus since 1928. There’s a common folklore that any undergraduate who hasn’t studied when the first bloom appears on the tree, will fail the exams.

The 88 year old Jacaranda Tree that collapsed on 28th October
(Clicked on 17th Oct)

14 thoughts on “The love for Jacaranda

  1. Wow Jacaranda trees take me back to a time…. of my childhood days in bangalore when there used to be this lane lined with these trees. Alas with the city growing, these trees have all done the vanishing act. Your clicks are lovely and brought back those memories.!!!

  2. This is such a visual treat! In fact, I spotted one of these trees on my morning walk today. Its a pity to lose such an old flower-bearing tree. My memory of my visit to Sydney comprises of spotting some really exotic flowers in each courtyard of the neighborhood I lived in. It's heavenly. Lucky you!

  3. Love the use of the term smurf fever- its brilliantly put to describe these gorgeous blooms. Loved the pic of the tree at the end; sad it toppled over. And that folklore is really crazy- is it true?

  4. Lovely flowers on those trees. I think Bangalore too has those trees or it could be a different variety. But these are beautiful. the colors and the vivaciousness. Poor old tree that fell down and those students who won't pass now. 😛

  5. Lavender is my favorite color. I would love to be there sometime in the future to see the trees. Sad to know about the collapsed tree 🙁

  6. Oh wow Raj – different season than over here in Europe – sooooo beautiful and a bit sad though… Sending hugs my friend:-)

  7. What a breathtaking view of these flowery trees, Rajlakshmi! The students must have been lucky to enjoy this sight as they studied their books!

  8. Oh, sad to knock that…it would have provided happiness to too many students in its life…and results for college too 😊

  9. What a gorgeous sight these trees must be!
    I would mourn the collapse of that 88 year old tree as well, as I am sure it must have been a beautiful sight when it was in all it's glory!:)

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