Hook knee in the Armpit !!

“Hook knee in the Armpit, then sit on your triceps”.

She calmly said while effortlessly resting the weight of the body on her slender arms. I was lost at armpit of course. My palms were resting by my feet, in a strange needle-the-thread position, and I could not freaking figure out how the knee was supposed to hook inside the armpit. Like is it even anatomically possible? Well, obviously it was, if your body is made of natural rubber. Since mine wasn’t, I decided to load the weight on the triceps and pleaded the elbow to be a bit more adjusting.

Instead of the hybrid Fire Crow arm balance that I actually wanted to do, I just ended up doing a Bakasana (crow pose)

handstand quotes - yoga handstands - strong

And that is how most of my Friday evenings look like.

Ever since I turned 30, my metabolism seems to have slowed down … like sloth slow, so much that even a whiff of pastry shrinks my jeans (yeah I would like to think that’s the case). And since Fridays mean lunch outings, consuming greasy and tasty stuffs, I run out of calories to consume by the time the sun is about to set. Or so says MyFitnessPal calculator. That means, if I even want to eat an avocado, I would have to burn some calories off … 322 to be precise 😛 

Inspired by Rachna, since September I have been keeping a track of my daily meals on MyFitnessPal, which also includes water and exercise. I am finding it extremely helpful to maintain the consumption of calories. You would be surprised by the amount of sodium and cholesterol some of the food items contain.

Remember how I had a hard time trying to maintain a backbend because my palms kept sweating and slipping? Well, I bought these really cool inexpensive Yoga gloves and socks and tested them last Friday. They are pretty awesome 😀 Yayyy!!

anti slip yoga gloves

I can now get a good grip on the wooden floor while doing Chakrasana (Wheel Pose), without collapsing on my shoulders, or do a Bakasana without the fear of face planting (which I do a lot 😛 )

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16 thoughts on “Hook knee in the Armpit !!

  1. These days, even I seem to have realized (finally!) the importance of being fit. I am counting calories, doing extensive fitness regimes, and I hope to stick to them all! I am inspired to take up yoga after this post 😛

  2. I think you have a rubber body from all the pictures that I've seen of you doing Yoga! And yes you are an inspiration indeed for people like me who only think of doing Yoga 😛

  3. Raj, you are my yoga inspiration guru. I think it's high time i get to do something other than the savasana!!! But I dont think I'll be able to come remotely close to your level!

  4. Good to see you taking care of your health and maintaining weight too. It is important to work out more with age. Kudos to you and love those yoga gloves. cool idea 🙂

  5. Maintaining a food log is very important when you really want to lose weight. and I find you doing it with a lot of conviction too. great pose!

  6. You have trouble attaining perfect pose? Can't believe it! Glad to know that the anti slip gloves and socks are helping you. I might need them when I get back to my yoga. 🙂

  7. YOU are not made of rubber? You? Are you sure we are talking about the same person? I really need to log my food intake in addition my daily workout. I think if I can tighten that up a bit I can work better on my metabolism.

  8. The title made me sweat, and your pics made me shiver! You are amazing! And then some!
    Thank you for sharing info about the anti-slip gloves, I plan to get them, so that pushups are no longer a slippery affair:)

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