What’s your Body Type?

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I have noticed that many of my friends often give up exercising after starting a routine because they do not see any results. Knowing your body type is a great way to understand how much more effort one needs to exert to reach a fitness goal. Body types are often taken into consideration while designing a workout routine. 

The major types being:

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Endomorphs – Wider/thicker Joints and high tendency to store body fats
Mesomorphs – Athletic, Muscular and high metabolism
Ectomorphs – Skinny and difficulty in forming muscles

Many do not conform to only one but are a combination of two body types like endo-mesomorphs or ecto-mesomorphs. 

You can find out your body type – here 

Not everybody is the same. Those with athletic body type will find it easier to lose weight than Endomorphs. With correct diet and a fitness regime, Endomorphs too can change their body type. So don’t lose heart if your friends are raving about their muscle gain or weight loss, all you need to do is set a realistic goal according to your body type and work tirelessly towards it. I know, easier said than done. But then, Fitness is a lifestyle choice. Remember – “Making excuses burns ZERO calories”. Even a low amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Want to know which exercises you can do easily and without going to the Gym. Head over to the awesome Kala Chasma wearing Godma – Shailaja’s blog space The Moving Quill  where I am guest blogging on Workout for Fitness and Health 

Let me know if you find it helpful 🙂

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8 thoughts on “What’s your Body Type?

  1. That is an interesting exercise. In fact, the only kinds that I like! 😛 😀
    I body type is somewhere between ectomorphs and mesomorph!!
    I read your post on Shailaja's blog and absolutely loved it!


  2. Interesting. I hadn't heard these terms before. But it's good to know and be somewhat educated on this to plan ones exercise routine. So much science is involved, isn't it? It's different for everyone. Very interesting

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