7 Signs You are Turning Into a Fitness Freak

Freak yes, but fitness – not a chance. I was never considered “one of them”. Mostly because I can be extremely lazy at times. I could never envisage myself as someone who’s crazy about workouts and health.
So last Saturday, when I woke up at 6 am, and went into the garden with a spade to remove weeds (Yes on a SATURDAY) and prepare the soil for vegetable growing, I had a epiphany. The past three years tumbled down the memory lane and I realized that maybe … even a teeny weeny bit, I AM turning into a Fitness freak.
These are the tell-tale signs, so watch out!
1) You have started cleaning up the Fridge – much to the chagrin of other family members.

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Coke, Soda, Fries, packaged Fruit Juices and food from fast food joints have long disappeared from my plate and non-fat, non-fun, non tasty healthy snacks have replaced them. In fact last week when I ordered my favorite Wonton Noodles soup all I could think of was the amount of sodium floating in the bowl. With every sip a voice kept screaming in my head – MSG MSG MSGGGGGGG. I just ate the dumplings and noodles, and left the soup.
My husband and I now quarrel like old couples over food, a tug of war happens too where I would be trying to pull away a tin of ChamCham from his hands, while he would be muttering “Let me eat woman”!! Sometimes he would deliberately slurp the sugary syrup in front of me, making me sweat and hyperventilate imagining sugar rushing through my veins and arteries and clogging all the pores. Is my heart still beating?
2) You spend half your lifetime looking at fitness photos
My life is filled with challenges – Planks, Squats, Splits, Abs, Gravity defying yoga poses. The gallery on all my electronic devices look something like this. 

fitness photos on phone - fitness photos gallery

It doesn’t matter whether I can do them or not, I just love looking at them. The position of knees over toes, the bend in upper back, the rotation of the hips – Perfection is this!!
My search history is probably the weirdest of all, a reason why I keep deleting it – 
How to do handstands without falling over, 
How to do backbends without snapping into two, 
what the heck is a sacrum, 
What’s the average push up a women can do (Please it be one), 
How to do planks without setting your body on fire
Is it abs or just fat lines due to sitting the whole day 😛
3) When you overhear someone buying slim tea for weight loss.

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Really, you gotta workout Sweetheart!

4) Your friends are just ‘one photo’ and ‘one chat’ away from blocking you forever from their lives.
Friend: The new guy is so cute.
Me: I am in love with my jump rope.

Friend: The little one got cold again.
Me: Oh … I can understand, I struggle so hard to breathe in a backbend.

Friend: My timeline is flooded with your legs suspended in air … grrrrr
Me: Have you tried meditation … breathe in breathe Out.
5) At any point of time, there is at least one muscle in the body that’s sore from a workout.

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The horror of a Leg Day is real my friend, mere thought going to the bathroom grips my heart with extreme pain. Wearing a bodycon dress, a day after working on abs usually starts with Tarzan howls. A day after arm balances makes you incapacitated to even lift a toothbrush.
6) Online shopping carts have more Active Wear than normal clothes. 

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Yup, yoga pant is the new Jeans.
7) The days you are forced to miss out on workout are like

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Life has no meaning … none at all.

What do you think, is it enough to be branded as Fitness Freak? 😛

Note: Read this brilliant article on evolution of MSG, popularly known as Aginomoto in India.

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20 thoughts on “7 Signs You are Turning Into a Fitness Freak

  1. Oh I wish I was one too, does worrying about gaining weight and controlling food count? 😀 I just can't seem to find the time for workout! Sigh. A very interesting list Rajlakshmi, loved the read, especially your Google search lines! 😃

  2. Haha! I am not a fitness freak and don't think will get there. But I do agree with your reaction on the slim teas! 😉
    You had me in splits with the conversation with your friends!!!

  3. Yes, I have become one since some time now. I begin my day with Yoga and strictly watch what goes into my mouth. At times, I do cheat, but what's life without a few sins along the way, eh? And, the videos I watch are either dog-videos or exercise videos. And, each time I stand in front of the mirror, I observe my tummy, my buttocks and wonder whether they look nice and toned and if I look healthy. Also, I nag hubby to please eat healthy snacks and stop eating trash. And, yes, I only drool over hunks, like Akshay Kumar, who is also a health and fitness freak.
    Phew, if that is not a fitness freak, I think I need to add some more points to that, yeah? 🙂

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