5 New Things I did Last Week

Aladdin – The Musical
in Sydney Capitol Theater

Have you ever been so enthralled, so mesmerised that you don’t want it to stop ever? That you can’t take your eyes off or can’t imagine anything more bewitching at that point of time. Last Friday, I watched the Aladdin Musical, a theatrical performance of the famous Disney movie. It was so beautiful that I almost cried. The lights, visual effects, colors, dance sequences and singing … oh the singing … my god the singing!! The crowd went berserk, and cheered loudly when Genie appeared on the stage. He was no doubt the most endearing and funny character who had us in splits in almost every dialogue. My favourite was the carpet flying scene, when Al and Jasmine flew high across the stage, against a shimmering starry background. So dreamy… so magical!! You could hear the audience sigh and at the same time wondering – How did they do it? Oh I still get goosebumps when I remember the scene.

If this ever comes in your city, go for it without a second thought.

Since photography wasn’t allowed, here are few pictures from their website

Century Egg
at Din Tai Fung

Century egg or pidan (Chinese皮蛋pinyinpídàn), also known as preserved egghundred-year eggthousand-year eggthousand-year-old egg, and millennium egg, is a Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving duckchicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clayashsaltquicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months, depending on the method of processing. Wiki
My silly friends of course made a joke about it – now I can clear up their 3 months old stuff from their fridge as I like eating old stale stuff *shakes head* But this tasted just like a normal egg with a real nice creamy yolk. Since this was my first time, I really don’t know how it’s supposed to taste like. But with Tofu and Pork floss, it didn’t taste bad.

Truffle and Pork Xiao Long Bao
at Din Tai Fung

truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber. – Wiki
When my friend saw it on the list we decided to give it a go and see how it tastes like. This is a premium dish and a pint size dumpling costs about $5. We decided to buy 1 and split. Now this is a very unique combination I have ever tried and I still can’t register what flavor it was. Totally weird!!

Skipping/Jump rope

Remember those skipping ropes we used as a child. I really hope I had continued skipping all through my life, but well, it’s never too late. So I ordered this medium quality jump rope on Ebay and started a jump rope fitness regime. This is great for a busy evening, when you got lot of chores to finish and no time for a long workout. 15 minutes on the jump rope is enough to burn a good amount of calories. I started with 500 jumps, let’s see how much I progress to.


This isn’t something I did, but what I found – a gorgeous looking succulent, lying on the ground, uprooted. I have planted it in one of my clay pots but still need to figure out the name of the species. 

My baby succulents are growing really well and it feels so good to see them born out of a leaf. Isn’t nature absolutely fabulous. I have been waiting for months to see the buds.

All the plants above have been grown from succulent cuttings.

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44 thoughts on “5 New Things I did Last Week

  1. The succulents look pretty and cool! I would love to grow one at home. Must look around and see if they are available out here!
    As for skipping? I loved to do it during the school days. I might have to get back to it if I keep eating cakes and sweets all the time! 😀

  2. The musical looks and sounds great. Zangoora which is being played in Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon is on my wishlist. 100 year old egg… well I am not gonna taste it for sure.

  3. That musical sounds fabulous. There's something so wonderfully larger than life about live stage shows – it gives me goose bumps. Not sure about the unusual foods you try :-).
    Those succulents look good. They grew from leaves huh? I want to try this.

  4. You started with 500 jumps!!! Phew…Skipping was my go to fitness regime a couple of years back, wondering why I stopped.
    Quite interesting and bold eats, I would try those too given a chance.
    I have yet to go for Musicals in London. I know, shame on me given I am living in such a cultural hub. I had seen 'Phantom of the Opera' in NY and totally loved it. Hoping to catch few musicals soon. And the succulents look lovely!

  5. Raj you've done some pretty amazing things the last week! 'Only the interested find interesting things' Quote by…ahem….yours truly! Honestly, you do come up with some really quirky and interesting finds! Aladdin I think it plays in Delhi, not sure, but want to see it so badly! The egg I am not sure I would try! The succulent looks lovely!

  6. Whoa! You did have an exciting week. I would do anything to watch that Aladdin show! Alas!
    And the eggs? Cool! I see that you love experimenting with food. 🙂

  7. Such a fab week Rajlakshmi! The musical looks fascinating!! wow! And haha the stale dish, does look quite creative. And 500 jumps is a great start! And great going with saving one succu baby! You hero! Also your succulents are so adorable, I didn't know how they grow out of their cuttings! Btw does it work for Aloe Vera plant too? I have a big Aloe plant, I would love to have another one. I wonder if it's possible by planting one of the leaves.

  8. I am doing the skipping since 2 years, amd its an important part of my workout, and mind my words it is awesome, skipping is a complete exercise if you use a heavy rope, which is provided by crossrope.
    My body because of skipping becomes more flexible and slim.

  9. The producer of Aladin is a very close friend . Do let me know if I could share your views on it with him. It's his 1st production and your review will thrill him.
    From food to health to nurturing, you've done so many interesting things!:)

  10. I agree with Corinne. Aladdin would have been a lovely way to debut… the Disney version blew my mind as a kid… and the images you showed there also seemed to have caught the right tone.
    Don't know if I am up for eating those 100 year eggs though!

  11. You're far more adventurous than I am food wise, Raji. I refused to try out a similar egg in the Philippines. And truffles? They seem cheaper than I thought they would be.
    Someday I hope to catch a Broadway musical. Alladin would be so much fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

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